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Do other glaucoma patients run out of Lumigan much quicker than their other eye drops? ## Hello people. notice I am new to the privileges of using this Interweb. More to the point, I am also new to the awareness of and treatments for my "inherent wide-angle Glaucoma". The (use before bedtime eye-drops Latanoprost) was RX dispensed in a teensy container. One drop in each eye daily and ALWAYS empties 5-7 days after it is opened. This container ALWAYS shows 1-2 more applications remaining in the container which; so far, I can't get out. This container is $101.93. The label "claims" to hold 29 days of doses. This IS mathematically impossible by my understanding. This fact being ALSO supported by several lucid and perplexed medical professionals. I am relieved to read ano...

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