Looking Forward To Stopping Eliquis


A very large blood clot behind my left knee resulted in several blood clots in each lung. My vascular clinic rolled me directly to the ER and once stabilized I was sent to cardiology. 3 days later I proved I could give myself shots so was released and ultimately put on warfarin. Three weeks later my pancreas was shutting down and my cardiologist immediately weaned me off to start Eliquis. It has been fine as far as my tummy is concerned but like others writing their experience I have put on about 10 pounds in 2 months. I am so stiff when I get up in the morning I just want to get to my recliner and sit down. I sleep a lot and have no desire to so much as make my bed. I am definitely fighting depression. In fairness I think the depression is from this 72 year old who looks 59 and proud of it now has more aches and pains than her 92 year old Mother. Health issues also forced me to leave the career I loved so now I am home and missing co-workers and clients. I am forcing myself to walk the mall to slow down the muscle atrophy from being so inactive, resulting in weight gain. One more month and this is over.

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Hello, Leslie! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the symptoms you're having.

Many people have reported such side effects from Eliquis and most of what you've reported are listed among the common ones reported by the FDA. You may also experience higher risk of bleeding and easy bruising.

How are you doing with the depression? You may want to speak to your doctor about what you can do to help with it, until you finish your course of treatment.

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I have been taking eliquis for 5 months from xarelto which was horrible for me. A year ago had my first Afib issue I’m a former athlete I’m 74 never had health issues but heart illnesses run in my family . I don’t want to take blood thinners for the rest of my life whatever years I may have: I’m a fitness specialist and instructor and my joints are stiff and sore never had that problem before, I’m already taking only 1 eliquis at night 5mg, that’s it, could I stop? My cardiologist doesn’t seem very happy since I took the responsibility of changing meds and going from 25mg to 5mg with eliquis

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I certainly cannot advise you; just share that coming off blood thinners was one of the best weeks ever. They were effecting every part of my life. I had no creativity; no energy; no animation; no personality and my urine smelled like hell. I was stiff and sore. I now take a baby asperin per day and have felt much better for five months.

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