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I currently take 70mgs of liquid Methadone once a day, but I used to take two 10mg tablets of Methadone twice a day. Since I have been taking the liquid I have went from 40mg a day to 100mg a day in just over three months, however I have decreased my dose to 70mg over the past few months because I was worried to be at such a high dose so fast. When I was taking the tablets I stayed at a total of 40mg in a day comfortably for six months, until I found a place in town that would keep me on methadone because I was traveling out of town just to pick up that prescription. The place I go to now prefers prescribing liquid and only one large dose every 24hrs, I don't think the liquid is as effective as the tablets and I also don't feel that one dose last 24hrs, that is the reason my dose was increased so much, in a attempt to make it effective for the whole 24hrs, and after working to decrease my dose I am feeling like I'm going to have to back up because it starting to not seem provide hardly any relief. Is there any difference in the liquid and the tablets, can one dose last 24hrs, and how much can someone safely take in one dose for 24hrs period, after only being on methadone a year?

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The sheer irony of taking these types of medications is that no matter what dose you start at, the end result is that you eventually keep building a tolerance and your dose keeps steadily increasing over the weeks. In my opinion it's just a ploy to keep patients on medication for as long as possible, to the point where they are scared to stop taking it for fear of serious withdrawal symptoms.

I'm not writing this message to insinuate those feelings, but I think a more natural approach may be a safer and more reliable option for long term results.

I don't know you or your situation/reasoning for taking Methadone, however, if I may suggest another approach, it would be to start juicing fruits and vegetables several times a day in replace of your typical meals. I don't think people give enough credit to the power of nature, and I've seen first hand pain patients (with so-called permanent nerve damage) come off their medications by juicing dark leafy greens and fruit on a regular basis.

I know this doesn't necessarily answer your question, but I hope this advice helps in some way.

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Holistic approaches to health are to be appreciated. However, if you told an individual with a strong dependance on opiates to "just stop cold turkey and eat some fruit and juice--it'll be ok."...Welll, I'm sorry but that is just ludicrous advice. An individual going cold turkey is not going to be able to keep any fruit down. Opiate withdrawals are extremely painful, they are completely awful. Maybe, out of science, you should take strong opiates for 6 months on a daily basis, then put your plan into action and witness.

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Finally someone makes an accurate statement. Try taking 180mg of methadone, or an equivalent strength opiate for a year and then quit cold turkey. After three days of the worst hell you can't imagine, you will be so dehydrated from the runs and vomiting, that you WILL NEED MEDICAL INTERVENTION, OR DIE. No exaggeration!!!

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It's so funny how poorly addicts are perceived. Doctors prescribe tons of narcotic to patients and then years later those patients are "junkies" who come back to the er for withdrawals and get some of the worst treatment you'll see. They will get a Tylenol and be escorted out of the room. Doctors should face the penalty when patients lives are being ruined

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I am at a clinic and my dose is 75 mg but I don't take the whole dose if possible bc it made me so sleepy but I save it in case I can't afford to go everyday and sometimes I can't get away with not swallowing the dose all the way so those days I am forced to take the whole dose after several days of taking only half of it. Can this make me overdose or is this ok? Some days I feel like I don't need the whole dose or sometimes I feel like I need more in the evenings so I save some to take later in the day so I don't use but I have read that if I take it in the am and take more later in the day then if I happen to take the whole dose of 75 the following morning I'm scared I could be overdosing myself. Is this possible and what is my best option to make sure my dose lasts me all day? I don't want to use in the evening so I can stay in the clinic and produce a clean drug panel to continue to move up in the dose to hold all day but also be able to stay awake all day. If I stay awake during the day everyday about 3 or 4 pm I crash. It feels like if I stop moving I crash and sleep for a couple hours but when I wake up I feel like crap and start feeling some withdrawal symptoms. I feel like I can't win bc I can't stay awake if the dose is higher but if my dose is low I crave, so what do u recommend I do? Will I get used to the dose being higher after a few days or will I stay tired and crash when I stop? I want to find a dose where it holds all day and evening too.

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This is a typical reason why recovering addicts are seen as manipulative seedy individuals always trying to get over. MOST OF US ARE NOT LIKE THIS. Anytime a person commits to treatment with a stigmatized option should consider their actions may affect how everyone sees us. I understand some are sicker then others but to illicit information for such ludicrous reasons defies logical consideration. IF YOU NEED TO ASK THESE QUESTIONS YOU SHOULDN'T BE RECEIVING THIS DRUG UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!

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As a person working in this industry I recommend you meet with your counselor and honestly address your concerns. What your doing is not only dangerous but poses a risk to have you administratively discharged. If you attend a licensed facility you already know this as it's covered in the required orientation package mandated by federal law. If your clinic doesn't split the dose you have no option other than once per day dosing. For 99.999% that is an effective dosing protocol as the idea is to feel NORMAL, NOT HIGH. If you're looking to feel numb no dose will ever be sufficient. Methadone is not a classic euphoric opioid like most synthetic or semi synthetic drugs typically abused. No where near the opiate euphoria of similar narcotics. I've ran every game and tried every drug. Until you're ready to be clean, assisted opioid drugs will prove ineffective.

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So u take 79 mgrals now I busted started and I want no wats a good dose for me I was doing a gram of her I on a day bfor I vif clean been clean for about 1 mouth now and they put me on 79 but I really think I need akizzlebjorbwat do u think mamas

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Omg when I read your statement....i almost teared up! That is exactly who I am. Put on pain meds for a chronic back issue and here I am almost 15 years later feeling like a junkie. Im so tolarant getting high was never what i wanted and hell i can't even try anyway without taking a chance on my health

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I can't understand your situation 100 percent. But I appreciate your honesty. I have a great counslecound I would completely be honest and get her advice. I can't judge you because I have my own glass house to deal with. Don't be afraid to talk to them. They know your not perfect at dealing with medication that's why people need clinics. Good luck in all you do.

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I agree lol, opiate withdraw is NO JOKE!!! So for ppl, doctors who haven't experienced it PERSONALLY, go through it before saying whatever UUUUUU think

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I am dealing with a 30 yr old daughter who is up to 105 mg. methadone daily. Her attitude & behavior is very similar to when she was doing opiates. Being a synthetic opiate, I assumed her clinic would eventually start dosing her down, since this is an addiction in itself. She is unhealthy & overweight.

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I couldnt have said it better myself... that response really annoyed me, he has seen people kick narcotic pain killers from eating and drinking fruits and veggies? Doubtful! Im sure they were in fact eating fruits and veggies but unless they slowly tappered it would not happen.

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Here is the answer to all opiate addicted people trying to get off of it. First you have to be fed up and done feeling high like i am. Secondly, long-term methadone doesn't work. If you're not on the methadone program, get about 120mg maybe a little more of methadone & sneak it in with you to the E.R., then say you are suicidal and hearing voices. You will be placed in psych for a minimum of 9 days, break your methadone down, take as needed for 3, 4, 5 days tops and they will give you non-narcotic meds for your withdrawals. Drag it out for 30 days. After 30 days, no more withdrawal symptoms at all. When u get out don't take opiates again. I know i took opiates for 15yrs straight everyday. I tried it all and my plan worked perfectly for me. I was stuck and couldn't leave the hospital. No matter what you're gonna feel discomfort but having methadone for that first 5 days takes away 70% of the hell you will go through.

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Mike is speaking the truth Ive been on methadone 32 years, all kinds Methadose.The Real so called methadone orange diskets. 120 mills a day. Now im on liquid Methadone,Out of the 3 the orange diskets are best last longer,esp if you have Pain.My last detox in 2002 almost killed me.and I got back on it 2006 I go 1x a week, Im 60 yrs old.I guess I will take this till I die. Im having pain now in my bones from methadone. my 120 dose holds me some days taking half. of it.and half at night.other days its like I never took any methadone. But my last detox was the im trying to come down 2 bottles a week,.

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You are so right about that I have a lot friends that that's what happened 2 them.

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