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looking for a product called x112 it's a liquid diet drop.I used it when i was station in fulda germany.I don't know why this x112 is so hard to find.This is an overseas drug so if any one out there can help me find it i would really be thankful living in lansing ill.

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There are so many people asking about this product here in the forum. Based on my research, you do have to go to Germany (and may have to get a prescription for it there). But after reading more details, I think it might even be banned now.

Below is a response from another user in this forum who states that it is currently banned:
"If this helps, X112 was taken off the market. It was banned from several countries becauase, as that one person correctly said, it was a form of speed. That's why it was illegal for millitary to take. When I was stationed in Germany in 1999, it was not over the counter. You had to go to a German doctor and get a prescription for it. Several years ago, I was informed by my sister-in- law who was still in Germany that Germany was then banning it as well."

You can view this popular discussion thread by clicking on the link below (people there may have some good advice to offer as well):

I hope this helps!

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I used x112 when my husband was stationed over seas and was wanting to puchase this again it really helped with my weight can u help me please.

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Did anyone find the X112? If so send me the info so I may partake in the Game of life... I used this product when I was stationed in Germany as well Budigen made and gave me the drive to achieve and want more!!!!! So if anyone knows how to obtain it please let me know. {edited for privacy} Thank you. 3/12 Cav. Black sheep 2nd Platoon

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Do not use this drug. My family and I were stationed in Fulda where my wife acquired the drug and it killed her 4 years later after multiple heart related scares. One week, every other week, once a month until once in 6 months than the end. I know many will say how do I know ? I witnessed it I was in the emergency room's in Fulda and in the US.

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I am looking for the X112. My blood pressure is fine. I believe individuals want to lose weight to fast and this is what cause deaths and heart issue. I myself was station in Germany and has taken X112. If taken properly and dieting it can has a long effect on lasting past one or two years. In the early days everyone who didn't want to throw up their food due to the military pressure of what a woman should maintain as an unreal weight had more females desiring x112. When females were pressure into different standards then men we were force to correct our weight whether it was proper or not. Nobody should have gone threw unnecessary prejudice pressure.

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I worked on a missile site where we worked 36 to 48 hours straight. X1-12 was a way of life and became very, very addictive. At first anyone could buy it in any drug store, then you had to be a german citizen and then you had to have a prescription. Soon as the prescription was required, this became an instant black market item. We had guys so addicted that they would re-enlist to stay in Germany. A few guys dealt with selling it for big money to service members back in the states who coudn't kick the habit. I remember watching them package 20 or more bottles to send to service members back in the states. Im sure many of them re-sold some of the bottles to support their own habits. Think the dosage was like 3-5 drops in juice to lose weight and people would drop in a 100 or more at a time. We once had a birthday party in a small german town and we poured an entire bottle into a large beer for everyone to share. I turned around and the birthday boy had chugged half the beer before someone noticed and stopped him. Later that night we couldnt find him and got worried. We found him running full speed down an old road back towards our base. Put it this way....our base was 25 miles away and he had already ran 7 miles by the time we found him. I highly doubt this stuff is still legal at all.

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How can I get this product over the counter?

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I wanted to say that I was in charge of the emergency room in Germany and night shift. It was very hectic schedule and I needed to keep my energy up to be able to handle all of the influx of emergencies. I needed to be on top of my game especially since I had babies at home that did not let me sleep during the day. I used x112 and was able to purchase it over the counter at the local pharmacy no prescription required. It kept my weight down for the military and got my work done and did not get addicted to it but I will tell you I sure do miss it it was amazing. Good or bad whatever the case may be, it did the job and so did I. E7 emergency room shift later night shift Heidelberg Germany 76 through 79.

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I used it too in Fulda and it worked! It was illegal for soldiers to take it but my platoon Sgt told me about it. But like anything else, it was abused.

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good luck i used it in 1980 while stationed in germany also

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