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Itching painful scabs developed about two months ago,i work as a live in caregiver to an elderly,im there 4 days q week 24 hours a day.when I come home,it seems like they get a little better.I sleep on the sofa at work,thought it might be bedbugs or allergy to material but I've been there for 2 years so IDK. ## OK,no one has ever had before,maybe this will help someone.i took a few pictures of my back and sent to my doctor.He said it looks like scabies and ordered a zpak and Lindane lotion.apply from neck down to the bottom of the feet.Hope you never have to go through this,wasnt fun. ## That would be odd, usually scabies covers the entire body from the neck down and it forms angular patterns that may resemble geometric shapes, or letters... and an antibiotic, such as the Z Pak is n...

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where caught, how to get rid of them ## I used Dermisil, a non perscription cream and also a loquid I added to my bath water. Helped with the pain and also to dry them up. They also have a spray to use on the chairs U sit on and the carpet where you normally stand. ## Scabie is a mite, a type of skin lice, they are caught from other infection people. Treatment usually requires medications similar to those you would use to get rid of head lice. Your doctor can provide you with a prescription. Most commonly used is a lotion called Lindane: And yes, all clothing and bedding needs to be washed or sprayed, to prevent reinfestation. Do you have any other questions?

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