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I have a problem when I eat something with grease in it, I immediately have to go to the bathroom and feel like my blood pressure has dropped to the point where I feel fainty. In about an hour it seems to subside. Would this be classified as IBS?

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I m having nitazoxanide for a week now n doc again prescribed me the same med for 1 week for dirrhea that has not been cured by ciprox scendal forte n entamezol ds .now my dirrhea subsides but still feeling discomfort i cant eat anything other then broth n banana n bread i can even have boiled rice or yogurt it makes me bloated n constant urge to go to washroom doc prescribed me librax for 15 days n nitazide for again 7 days .i want to know when will i b able to have proper meals n wat should i eat .i m feeling v.week.will librax work?

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The issue here is that most of the medications you have been prescribed can also cause diarrhea as a side effect, according to NIH reports. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, and non-allergic skin rash.

Thus, Saman, you may just be experiencing side effects, which aren't being given a chance to clear up, before you are starting more medications.

Has your doctor done any testing?

Shorty, that can happen to almost anyone that eats something with a lot of grease in it, it really isn't good for our bodies. You may need to avoid greasy foods. Are you on any medications?

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I have very bad side effects from Librax and I’m thinking about contacting the manufacturer in Switzerland. Maybe they can help me to contact a hospital who knows about its side effects on my nervous system.

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I have had IBS for about 40 years. I had a colonoscopy 18 years ago - normal. I also used Bevispas before. Now I'm having cramps and discomfort in my abdomen region. I'm currently on Buscopan co, but it's not giving me much relief.

What is best for these symptoms? Will Librax help?

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