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I want to know two things: 1. Is there a generic form for Legalon in the USA? If so, what is it called? 2. Where can I find Legalon in the USA? Please know I do not want to buy any milk thistle with silymarin. I want Legalon. Thank you for your assistance. ## Hello, Ann! How are you? This is an over the counter product, so the generic for it would be what you said you don't want, the milk thistle with silymarin. As to Bio-Legalon, I've noticed it listed at a few websites, but all for $50+ per bottle, no including shipping. But you should know that it and the milk thistle with silymarin are the same thing, this one just has a brand name on it. Is there anything else I can help with?

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What brand of Silymarin is the most bioactive and pure? Where can you get it? ## Silymarin is an over the counter supplement that contains derivatives of Milk Thistle, thus, it is not fully tested like prescription medications. This means, I can't tell you which is the purest and most bio-active, since there are not regular standards for such things. As to purchasing it, have you tried doing an online search to see if it can be ordered anywhere? ## I have higher liver enzymes than normal because of medications I take. I ordered Silymarin Milk Thistle from Puritan's Pride on-line or you can order over the phone. A lot of the time they have buy 1 get 1 free or buy 2 get 3 free! You can't beat the price. As far as how it works, I am still taking the medications, and the levels ...

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IS IT OK TO BRAKE A CAPSULE AND TAKE JUST SILYMARIN ## Have you checked with your doctor, or pharmacist? It is a nutritional supplement containing derivatives of milk thistle and, in most cases, this can be done, as long as it's not a time released product, but I am not sure if it may be irritating to the stomach to do so.

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