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Please kindly post the Schedule K Drugs list, as per pharmacy Act 1948. ## I want to know the list of the products which comes under schedule K category. ## list of Schedule K drugs in India. ## i want list of schedule k drugs ## Unfortunately I'm not finding any specific details on lists of Schedule K drugs in India. It may be that this country (as well as many others) do not publicly post such information online. From what I understand, the U.S. is one of the few countries that regulate and control drugs in such a distinguished manner (through the FDA). The Pharmacy Act of 1948 does not appear to list any medications either. This Act only has to do with the registration of pharmacists, education regulations, inspection, renewal fees, and other things of that nature. Does anyone el...

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My wife had acute pain in her left ear and right side of back head. After treatment for 5 days in a hospital, at the time of discharge doctor prescribed Aculip H 1 Tab daily at bed time. Please let me know if it has any side effects or if it will become habit forming? How does this medicine work and for what kind of disease is it prescribed? ## Hey am leena. I am 30 yrs nd doctor advised me to take aculip h nd i am hvn that for more than 6 months now. Will that be any problem

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my mother 70 had suffered a brain stroke n aneurism of brain. operated upon successfully, two coils inserted in left siude of brain. now she sufferin g from depression. she had suffered heart attack ten yrs back. advised to take ECOSPRIN AV 75,,, but she reftuses to take the same. suggest some alternative for this medicine. ## What is the use of ecospin, is it thin the blood ## My Dr.adviced me tentdoking tablet.I am a patient of rheumatoid arthritis and oa what is the use of above mentioning tablet please guide.

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i am having half 'DICLOGEM' tablet (ie equvelent to 15mg diclofenic sodium and 250 mg paracetanol ) daily at bed time to avoid knee pain since 5 years. will it cause any side effects on me? pl advice prolonged use of this medicine will cause any damage to my vision and clarity in speech ## My maid is taking diclogem for last 4years and she is relieved from knee pain.she is scared of the side effects of taking this pain killer.please advise whether she can continue with treatment,as all have advised against taking this for long

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I am 24years old. 1 and a half month back i had unsafe sex with my fiance for 5 minutes.I have not got my periods. We are not ready to go to a doctor. Tried eating papaya and till seeds. Please help me in suggesting the pill so that i would get my periods immediately.Waiting for your valuable response.


i m prescribed by my dr to regulate my menses so i want to know drug side effects n drug contraindications.and specially this ocp also has wgt gain problem or not? ## Dronis 20 is a hormonal oral contraceptive, so yes, it may cause some side effects, such as nausea, headache, breakthrough bleeding and irritability. Contraindications would depend on what other medical conditions or medications are involved, so I can't provide you with any information on that, without having more details. As to possible weight gain, that is always a possibility with more oral contraceptives, however, in most people it is between 2 to 5 pounds and not really a significant amount. Are there any other questions? ## no i m not in any other medications but i m obese(65 kgs) so i m scared to tak it for 6 mo...

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