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What is Lactihep Syrup used for? Is it safe to give to my seven month old baby? ## dosage and what purpose.. ## Is lactihep syrup safe for 7months old baby ## Can u explain the usage of lactihep syrup .i am patient suffering frm strong stomach pain ## It contains the active ingredient Lactitol and is most commonly used to alleviate constipation. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, abdominal pain, abdominal cramping, flatulence, and diarrhea. You should follow your doctor's dosage instructions, and not give it to an infant, unless it has been prescribed for them. Are any of you on any other medications?

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We have Lactitol Monohydrate syrup 100 ml. I have forgotten which patient we purchased it for. I would like to know what it is used for, what disease? ## In this form, the sweetener Lactitol is used as a laxative, to treat constipation. Side effects may include: cramping, diarrhea and flatulence. More details: Is there anything else I can help with? ## lactitol monohydrate syrup 66.67 w/v - where is this medicine available in USA. What will be name of the medicine? ## Lactihep syp clip 500 and lvc 500 is prescribed by uro Dr in bhu Varanasi. Patient is suffering from overactive bladder and incontinence. She is on catheter for almost 4 months. Is there any cure available for this type desiese. Can she be free of catheter. She is underweight at 30 kg. We have consulted an uro in Mumbai as...

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I am looking for Encelax Syrup ( Lactitol Monohydrate Syrup 66.67% w/v) 's availability in the USA. (Esp. in Walmart/ Walgreens/ Sams Club etc.). I'm also not aware of any alternate medicine which I can take in the meanwhile. Please help. ## Hello, Ipsita! How are you? I'm sorry, but it isn't available here in the U.S. Lacitol is available here under other names, so you can speak to a doctor about getting a prescription. Is there anything else I can help with? ## please tell how much dose of lactitol monohyderate i will give to my female child of age 4 years ## Is Lactihep syrup is good for constipation I am 25 years. Is any tab without sugar for me

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Can lactitol monohydrate syrup be taken by diabetic patients? My doctor prescribed the medicine, but it is very sweet and contains sugar, so I am having doubts. Will taking this affect my sugar level? ## I have a different question - can diabetic patient take lactihep syrup? ## Hello there..I would recommend Chia Seeds instead as a natural treatment... They are supposed to be great. Try Orzo coffee/barley coffee as is GREAT!! See # 7 and 9 on the following page for more details: 7. Chia Seeds May Improve Certain Blood Markers, Which Should Lower The Risk of Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes 9. Chia Seeds Can Cause Major Improvements in Type 2 Diabetics Ref:

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ispaghula, when combined with lactitol then it looses its sticky nature in presence of water. is it true? ## yes , when lactitol and ishgula husk is combined in powder form, ishgula looses its sticky nature and suspention is formed for immidiate use / drink. Try. it gives good flavaour and palatability.

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constipation ## Lacitol is actually a sugar alcohol, one of its possible side effects is diarrhea, so it can be used to treat constipation. Did you have any specific questions? ## can lactiol monohydrate powder act as colon cleanser and help for ibs (costiration) ? Please Advise. Tapan Guha.

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