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Anyone else having light shows appear in both eyes, maybe an ocular migraine after the Jetrea inj.? I'm worried and I can't see good at all. Thanks for any feedback!

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So less than a week later, the "show" finally went away. Unfortunately for me the Jetrea not only took away the adhesions, but also the flap that the Dr was hoping would lie flat back down and cover the macula.That didnot happen. I now have to have macular hole surgery...

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Did you have your surgery? Having Jetrea inj. tomorrow for a macular hole. Hoping hole will close without surgery. Dr. said sometimes Jetrea will close it.

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I had the inj. on 3/6/13 and still had to have surgery on 3/19 :( still healing...have fluid...not driving fully yet...night and rain issues... good luck!

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Hello Kay and Kathy -

Kay how did it go for you? All details you care to give will be of great interest as you are one of a very few people out there reporting on this. I hope, Kathy, your surgery worked? Likely you won't be able to use your computer for a while while you're having to lie on your face.

I am contemplating trying Jetrea but I see the cost of the drug alone is around US$3,000 (2,500 pounds in England): I'd pay that if I thought I had a sporting chance of stopping the progression of my stage one macular hole which opened up in the past 3 months. It is said only to work on a small percentage of patients and there are a lot of pre-conditions such as size of hole and the actual kind of traction/adhesion taking place.

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Yes only works for small percentage...drug company helped me pay for it...I paid $50 US...still have fluid in central area...hope it goes away....not able to drive fully ...ughh

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