Ive Been On The Fentanyl Patch For About 11 Years Starting At 25mcg & Now 75mcg For The Last 2 Years


Besides being on the patch. It seems after the second day on the night before I change it every 3 days, I have much pain, and can not sleep. Where I live, not many stock this, and it seems I get a different one (brand) every month. My actual question is, can I get the patch and use them every two days, instead of three? It would make my life so much better, and always having to call my Dr. a day or two before visits. I know I had read it takes some time without it. Not for me. I feel the withdrawals within 10-12 hours. Thank you.

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Yes, it can be changes as often as every 48 hours, instead of every 72. There are many people that have to use it that way, especially once they become tolerant to the higher dosage every 3 days and it is no longer effective, which seems to be exactly what you're experiencing.

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But it is definitely an option you can discuss with your doctor.

Do you take anything for breakthrough pain? That would also help greatly.

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Sure it can depend how the doctor is. I had 100 dose around 12 years now change 11/2 days you ever have to do this any faster you will be perscribed 2 change every 2 days you will do it 1 a day with recalls that happened it has to appear 2 every 2 days written lets you miss out with some insurance problems also the occasional mean pharmacist that plays doctor assumes everybody has this is a druggie ashame that people with serious pain is sometimes horrible treated yes you can have 1 every 2 days to give better quality life hope you have good luck with changes

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I changed the patch every other day and still was getting break thru pain which I was on for over 9 years. Now on nothing was sick of hearing and reading how fentanyl really is bad for your liver. Hope you get blood work up done at least twice a year. Seeing acupuncture dr, since this may, since middle July no longer on pain patch, took me two months weaned self off no real side effects, pain is about the same, some days worse when I do to much, have high tolerence to pain don't go crying to others as no one wants to hear you complain, when I do to much I suffer and go to bed, temperpedic bed was a great investment for me.

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I am so impressed!! U weaned yourself off?? It can be done?? I have been on the patch for 4 yrs. & every time I try to wean I get so sick --how did u do it?? I have crazy pain with the patch I can't imagine not having the patch/-

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Sometimes you ight need a med for the breakthru pain or what my doctor did was the Patch 75mg every 2 days but I have a big build up against pain medication so my body can hold doses every 2 days talk to dr. about problem.

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I've been on Fentanyl for 4 years. It falls off before 48 hours. My pharmacist has people who change it every 2 days. I change mine every 36 hours as there is NO MED left in it. Hot showers, hot tubs, sweating, fever, exercise etc can increase the body temp and the hotter the body the fast this drugs is absorbed. You could try a couple of experiments, make sure you log in a diary to present to you doctor. Note the exact time you apply a new patch. When the pain becomes severe, note it. Try taking a hot shower or bath to raise your body temp. In a hour or so, does the pain lesson and continue less then prior to the shower? Again make note. If so, that could be an easy fix, if NOT then after a week or two, apply a new patch. ANY DOCTOR who prescribes the patch KNOWS the dangers associated with it! ALSO after a few years, your body definitely becomes tolerant to the amount of opioid. I've known people who had to apply a new patch every day. as their body absorbed the drug within 24 hours. I've used this patch for 4 years. I did NOT know what the doctor was slapping on me! BUT after 37 surgeries, I needed something. NOW I want off of it, and my doctor will NOT help with that. He says I will have to be hospitalized because even slowly weaning after all these years is not successful. There are new drugs out again, maybe something else will help. But most likely your patch is out of med. You might try a different company too. Don't let the pharmacy give you crap either. Go to different one who will help you find the product that works best for you. Apply a new patch When your pain becomes severe.

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Hi.I also use Fentanyl patch,by Mylan;your doctor can specify which company to request through the pharmacy.The reason that the patch seems to wane is that at times our body temperature elevates, the medicine can be absorbed more than it would over the 3day period.Also when the patch is changed there is a time period sometimes up to 12 hours for the newly placed patch to begin to be affective.Remember to rotate the site ,don't keep putting the patch on the same area because the soft tissue will absorb it there (the same as required to rotate insulin IV site-not to build up a pocket making the insulin of no affect-same principle).Hope this helps,I've worn t patch x14 years.

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Kratom works for withdrawal pain.

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when I told my doctor that they weren't lasting three days he said he has heard of some say that and changed mine to every two days.. now I actually feel it running out about 12 hours before it's due and not sure if I should tell him.

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I am new to the fentanyl but already get withdraws after about hours48

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I change mine every two days. And that is per my script. 50mcg patch every 48 hrs...

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You need to do it slowly. First reduce the dose not the frequency. Then keep reducing dose until you are comfortable then reduce frequency and repeat. It took me 6 months to get off 1200 mcg 4 x day - the sucker. I had no withdraw and was happy to get off the stuff.

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If I were you I'd get off the patch and ask your doctor to put you on 10 mg of Methadone two every four hours. I was on fentanyl and it barely touched my pain. Then my doctor switched me to methadone and I am almost completely pain free.

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I weaned myself down from 100mcg to 25mcg. Haven't been able to get off. I have complex problems. Bad motorcycle accident.
Very advanced Behcet's Disease with severe arthritis, Aseptic meningitis. Seizures. Anyway... this CAN'T be done with gel type patches! SWIM goes down by 25 mcg over 1 month by very carefully cutting 2-3 millimeters off each patch. Do the same for three cycles. Cut 2-3 additional millimeters off. There will be nearly no or NO withdrawal. This is safe. Vets cut the patches to use on small pets. Make sure to use a very good ruler and sharp scissors or knife.

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I have read that the basic reply says you must hold it for 30 seconds or so and thought yeah so what I have already been doing that but I stopped and rethought my process. Now I do several things differently that will be of help. First, clean the new site thoroughly with either alcohol or soap and hot water 2-4 hours before applying the patch. I am aware that they advise against alcohol just prior to affixing the patch, so do it a couple of hours before, concentrate on dead skin and perspiration. Before applying the patch, rub your palms together and build some heat in them. Apply the patch and then direct pressure moving from the center the edge. 4-5 minutes. Applying the cover that I am about to tell you about before FIRMLY attaching the patch will cause it to float above the skin, useless. Call the maker of the patch and tell them that you need the cover because the patch will not stick. Do this each and every time that you get your prescription refilled regardless of how well it stays on because you will have need in the future. These covers are as thin as one layer of skin and keep the patch dry and attached. Without following each of the steps prior to applying the patch will cause the patch to stay only around the perimeter. In the meantime, prior to getting the patch makers to provide you with covers, there is exactly one product that will work. Your pharmacy sells Tegaderm and it keeps the patch on firmly as well. The covers that you receive from the makers of the patch is no cost though. I honestly think that you now have all of the knowledge to keep these firmly attached.

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i have had a few friends on the pain patch 1 has a high absorbtion issue but when they reduced the mcg the relief was insuffiant so they increased it back and it was to much at beginning and nothing later ....... their idea was cutting the patch in half and instead of a complete patch everyday they use half a patch everyday and rotating them so tha when a new half goes on the half put on 48 hours ago comes off ...... and they halve been doing much better using this aplication method ....... of course this would not work with liauid filled patch
..... i suggested to try just taking one side of cover plastic off at first when they told me of the idea but of course they had already used their idea on a few patches before telling me so the leaving half of adhesive cover on was not tried ..... i do not recommend this idea but it works for them ....... i gueess if i was in their situation i may wanna try it .....

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Yes you can get it every 2 days but insurance doesn’t want to pay. I’m on 50mcg every 48 hrs and i had the same problem on the third day.

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I am a chronic pain patient. I have had this injury for about 16 years. My doctor HAD me on two 15mg oxycodone and three 60 mg oxycontin daily!!! Then when this whole "opiate epidemic" started, he retired and slowly cut my meds in half! My NEW doctor put me on two 15mg oxycodone a day. One day I totally lost it, couldn't stand the pain any longer and called his office. I finally got his attention because I was suicidal. Now I'm on a 25mg patch every two days because trying the three days I was starting to go through withdrawals. But it did take me seeing two Chronic Pain Patient doctors before he would agree to that. You really have to be your own advocate. SPEAK up and let them know what pain you are in and hopefully this has helped you. Let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Good luck!

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The literature inside every box of Mylan patches states clearly that some people need to change patches every 48 hours not 72 hours you can't get stronger recommendation than that from the manufacturer itself.

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