Is Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion1% Safe To Use On A 13 Lb Dog


My bichon has red on the inside of his ears and a hot spot below his ear another hot spot on his neck. I put this lotion on him a few minutes ago....he's allergic to chicken, I gave him treats that said peanut butter & banana...1st ingredient on the back is chicken.... Is it ok to use this medicine on him....hope so!

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Hi Colleen! You should always contact your Vet before using any medication on you pet.

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Cats is right about contacting your vet first, especially when it comes to administering "prescription-only" medications like Clindamycin. From what I understand, determining the proper application for pets is usually based on the weight/size of the animal. However, a vet would surely be able to give you more specific details on how much to give your dog, when to give it, and how long it needs to be taken for in order to completely eradicate the infection without the possibility of building antibiotic resistant bacteria.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you! I used a little on him just because I didn't have anything else and I haven't used it more than two times so thank you so much

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