Is A White Oblong Pill With A333 Oxycodone?


This pill has a 333 on it and is oblong and white has nothing on the other side of the first time.

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Hi Eli,

The oblong (capsule-shaped) white pill you're describing marked "A333" is in fact identified as Oxycodone (10mg) + Acetaminophen (325mg); which is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

For verification, this particular tablet is manufactured by Actavis, and has a National Drug Code of 00228-2983-11.

You can also learn more about this drug on the page for Acetaminophen + Oxycodone Details

I hope this helps and wish you a merry christmas!

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White Pill with A333 Oblong that is generic for percocet I think needs to be looked into more closely. I don't feel it is right that they can just change medicine and people have no choice but to get it cause their insurance will only pay for the generic. I had a few left of the Watson I held back. I took the new one for about a week and they did not really work right. I took one of the watson I had held back which is the same Generic both from CVS and the pain went right away. So that tells me that those new one's are not right.

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A close look at the msg this reply is associated with, tells me something is amiss. What exactly, I don't know. However, the underlying question & answer are clearer. The white oblong pill marked A 333 on one side & unmarked on the other is in fact a new generic for Percocet @ 10/325

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I agree. might as well take a lortab

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I was recently given the same thing, and I also feel that these new A333 tabs are not giving me the same relief from pain as the Watson pharmacy tabs were. Walgreens switched mine this last time and said nothing about it to me at all. I think I'll be going to a different pharmacy next refill.

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Is it Capsule or oval

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Totally agree Watson has a better quality drug then any other also qualtiest is good

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I got my oxycodone 10 small white oblong with A333 on it. This was the first time I ever got this kind have always got Watson before. Might as well took a lortab. These did work at all will not go back to CVS again not if this is the kind of mess they have. I guess their to cheap to get the real meds

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Fact: I get 90 10-325. I can take up to 3 a day. I usually take 1 and im prefectly fine for about 7 hours. After getting my perscription filled at CVS ive taken 2 within 3hours and have had absolutely NO relief. My stomach is killing me and I can barely walk. This is some B.S. My doctor will not give me more for 30 days. I should have gotten them filled when he wrote it. My prior script lasted me 2 1/2 months. This Activas or whatever it is is garbage. Ibuprofen works better than this crap.

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Just picked up a333 from cvs and am experiencing symptoms of nausea

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A333 oxycodone/white oblong pill. Here we go taking this med to see what the fuss is all about. Will let you know what I think.

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I like them they seem to last longer even though they don't hit me as fast. I chose these the last few months over others that act fast but don't have a lasting effect on my pain as these do. Good luck to you though.

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I like the lasting effect with these. They last longer than other generics I have tried. I get 120 up to 4x a day. I have spinal tumors that are benign but very painful. They help a lot along with 25mg fentanyl patches. Good luck with whatever is causing you pain.

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Actavis makes these. Actavis is actualy not a generic they're a very well known brand with possibly the best quality of oxycodone along with qualitest and teva. The oxy 30s they make are my favorite.

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I agree!!! I was supposed to be prescribed Percocet without the 325mg and they gave me this crap and I just keep hurting and hurting and it gives zero relief. I've been fooled and I have a chronic back problem from two surgeries; a massive fall straight down on my tailbone/ jamming my metal cage from the first surgery up I to three vertebrae above it. This is a hoax and YES IT WAS WALGREENS PULLING THIS BULLS***!!

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This is where the "It's a mental thing comes in." Activas bought Watson and is using the exact same formulary to make the A33's. The chemical makeup is the exact formula. I've done quite a bit of research to discover and provide this info. I encourage you to do a simple Google search. Thank you for reading and I wish you well in your pain relief.

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I've been taking 10 mg Percocet many years for 'breakthrough" pain when my Oxycontin doesn't help enough. I no longer pay attention to which brand the pharmacy issues, as I agree with post #16.
I truly believe the mental aspect plays a huge part in things, and that the FDA regulates its production more carefully. Besides, if I am mistaken, I prefer to be mistaken on the side of less pain.

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People, calm down. The only difference is that these have Tylenol added to the oxycodone. It should not upset your stomach. It should help keep the pain at bay.

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I've been taking the new Activis brand a333 generic Percocet 10/325 and there's a big difference from the former Watson tablets. These work ok, but don't kick in as fast as the old Watson generics in the past.
I'm going to get Brand Percocet/EndoceT from my pharmacy from now on
or get Roxicodone 10 instead. Since my insurance covers brand name also if in stock(J just need my pharm to order it for me next month).
I was previously on Norco 10/325(Watson) and when they changed to Activis and the tabs were white instead of yello , I noticed a big change so my doc switched me to brand Vicodin 10/300 and it was a big difference. FYI; this is just my opinion, but I've heard from my Uncle who gets the same brand(Acticivs) that it works great for him?
Brand from now on! Good luck and stay pain free!

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I get to itching sometimes and a lot of times I think it's like hair crawling on my skin. It feels like something crawling on me and it's not crabs I promise, or lobsters or anything else, but if I take a pill I can go all day long and enjoy my day with a good joint.

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I was floored when u posted you were a drug counselor. What??!!! How could u be and know nothing about addiction? Your husband is right! You need rehab! Who gets 250 pills from one Dr and the same day gets 250 from another Dr in the same bldg. First of all, "counselor", it's illegal on your part and the DR's. You have a problem! Recovering addicts are the only clinicians I know of that are of any help to someone who wants to get clean. Listen to your husband. Get help. Detox and a program. None of this 30-90 day bulls***! There is no short term cure for long term addiction. I'm ad-libbing but I was told that by someone while I was in a 2-3 year program. The best 5 years of my life as I also stayed on as a clinical staff member after graduating. Be honest with yourself and those close to you friend and when you do get clean, work for someone who believes there is no real "cure", but help is out there. Get it from the people who know what they're talking about. You ARE an addict!

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Take half a Benadryl with your meds to reduce feeling sick.

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I have taken the pill A333 an it has done nothing but put me to sleep for 12 hours and wake up with the same excruciating pain. I need an attorney name.

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That's just a reaction that oxycodone and hydrocodone do to the body if you take too many your nose will itch you will feel like your hair is growing and maybe feel like you have a tick crawling up your arm

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The Pill with A333 & white is a Percocet 10/325.

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I played in the nhl for 4 years . I'm 23 years old . One day I collapsed in practice . I had a tumor in my spine . I had one of the best neurosurgeon in the world operate on my back 6 times in under a year I was in the icu for 2 months . I almost died . I had a shunt placed in side of my head . I was injected with dilaudid the highest pain medicine you can get 2mg/every 2 hrs for 3 weeks which is unheard of. I'm 6'6. And it didn't do much for me. I didn't walk for 34 days . After I left the hospital I was prescribed 10 mg Percocet . I could take up to 30 pills a day and would so close to nothing for me. Everybody's different and pain tolerance is different so what works for you might kill someone else. So please do your research and always tell your doctor the truth. And if you have a problem abusing pills please don't be ashamed and ask someone for help . Never be ashamed to admit it . Everyone is different so what works for you may not work for someone else. God bless everyone and be safe

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I have to eat something small like crackers. Sometimes i will need a actual meal. Depends usually in the morning cause my tummy is empty I need a meal. But after that something small does the trick.

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I have been on Percocet 10 325 and I pick it up at CVS and they come in a yellow tab and I feel that they do better for me than the ones in Walgreens. I have two rotating cuff surgeries and my right arm less than two months apart. These are my last surgeries and how I got introduced to Vicodin was I had a fall and ended up with a torn ACL and other stuff on my right knee. It was a legal suit going on. I ended up with nine surgeries and I had 100% on my insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO so basically the doctors did not care. They just want money, but the whole thing about this is that both of the doctors for my back and my knee were in the same floor in the same Office. They were Calig and one of them will give me 250 Vicodin, the 10/325 and then I will go next-door and I will get the same thing and this was for 15 days each, so I have never had a problem with drugs, alcohol, smoking or anything else but I'm a drug counselour and never dealt with them myself... I was only 22 so I used to take them as prescribed but the pain got worse and worse so one day I went to the emergency room and this doctor told me what're you doing to yourself and said you need to take Norco, they're so much better for your stomach and they also take your pain away ASAP. I have never heard that in the ER or at the other doctors office, so he was my doctor and he gave me 150. then my husband was telling me you have a problem you need help and I remember getting very upset and I told him, "who do you think you are? I am not a drug addict, they're prescribing it to me and they know what they're doing", but to my surprise the doctors did not know what they were doing. So please be aware what's going on with you guys. I am still on these pills. I have been through rehab so don't be ashamed to ask questions and to get the help that you need.

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