Is Zomax Available Antwhere?


I feel horrible for those who had frightening experiences with the drug Zomax, but
for me it was a miracle. I have had Degeneritive Osteoarthritis since the age of 7.. Zomax was extremely effective for me and there has been no drug approximating its effectiveness since it was taken off the market. I would love to find access to this drug if it is still manufactured anywhere.

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Amen to that! Zomax is as of this time the -only- pain killer that has actually worked to stop pain for me. I get no affect from opiate-based drugs - and regular aspirin is about the only analgesic that helps at all. [Anti-inflammatories help for swelling but not pain.] I SO VERY MUCH wish Zomax was on the market again.

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pure stupidity,is the only excuse i can think of for taking zomax off the got me off al the other drugs that were worse.3 back surgerys,over 3 years,i would take anything that had the promis of relief.

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i just found a full bottle that doc gave me back in 1981 think there still any good ??/

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most drugs hav a short shelf life,40 years is a bit long

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I took Zomax for over 2 years, prescribed by the V.A. Everything was fine until I had a severe reaction, wound up in the ER with numerous IV's, put on oxygen and stareing at an opened tracheostomy kit ready to be surgically inserted. You can take some drugs for a long period of time before you have a reaction. I also had similar but lesser reactions to Cliniril and Dolibid after long term use.

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