Is Kratom Good For Pain


I have been on 10 mg oxycodone and codeine #4 for 10 years and now I'm sick of it. I was told kratom is good for pain. Does anyone know if it really works? Pain meds don't work any more and I want off of pain killers.

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I have been looking at kratom forums on the web seeking alternatives to pain pills. I'm getting mixed opinions on it being effective for pain issues. There are online vendors who feature an option of buying a few different strains which you can sample. Most forum users are seeking a way to detox from the pills using kratom to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

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I believe that Kratom is the best pain reliever on the face of the Earth. I have been a Chronic Pain patient for 20 years and have been prescribed Everything Possible for severe pain. Kratom works better than Morphine any day of the week. It is fairly inexpensive and Very Effective for Any pain that you may have. It is also this Nations answer to its narcotic problems. This is why the FDA and DEA are trying their best to have it banned.

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Thank aware of different strains of kratom being better for pain but im unaware of which ones. Would you please share with us which strains in particular are best for treating chronic pain.?_

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Hello, I was also on Oxycodone for years and years. Also morphine and others. I became very sick of these. Kratom has changed my life. It is Wonderful for pain. Better than pills any day! The red strains are the best for pain. I find that Red Borneo and Red Bali work the absolute best. There are so many vendors out there now. I will name 2 reliable sources here. Christopher's organic botanicals and Life Force K.

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Hi sweetie Club 21 is the best place to order online very honest people and are very knowledgeable . I found Green Bail or Red Bail works for me better I've tried everything else .Hope this helps God blesd

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What I have found to be the most effective is a combination of strains called tri-force. I order from 'kratom one'. Outstanding company to order from with insanely fast shipping. Give it a try and best of luck!

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Hello again! I mentioned 2 strains in the comment above. Red Borneo and Red Bali. Almost Any Red vein will be good for pain. It does make a big difference where you order your Kratom from. 2 places are mentioned in my other comment. Always high quality product. I have tried almost 15 vendors now and find those I mentioned to be the best. I have also ordered from vendors that sell 'Junk' kratom. There are also some green strains that are very good for pain. Green Bali and Green Mahakam are real good. I also recommend watching Kratom reviews on YouTube. Kratom Hippie and King Kratom are very knowledgeable when it comes to Kratom. Just type in those names and they should pop right up for you. Have a great day! Any other questions- I'm Here.

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I hope it can help with pain as good as opioids. I’ve been on pain management for almost flour years had six surgeries this past year and seeing neurosurgeon for my spine next. I started 7.5 norco 30 a month now bc I’ve been having surgery every two months after each one I go through this regimen after so I can try to control tolerance as much as possible: dilaudid 60 pills in maybe a week, 10mg percs for the following week, 5mg percs following that, and 10mg norco every four to six hours.
I can sympathize with the dilemma. Not sure your location but another pain management solution for opioid tolerant Patient’s is ketamine iv fusion Therapy. Most insurance won’t cover this but I was able to find one about two hours away that does.

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Kratom works for me. Sometimes, a pill doesn't work and kratom will always work. It has been good for withdrawal too. It won't hurt you as it comes from a tree in the coffee family. It's also good for mood and sleep. Red Maeng Da is best for withdrawal. Kratom is not expensive like drugs and it hasn't felt like a monkey on my back. I put it in ice tea or grapefruit juice. There is agmatine(supplement) to take with kratom which is a potentiator. Meaning that you won't have to take as much kratom.

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Red Maeng Da is supposed to be the best for pain. I take it and I love it.

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Red strains are going to be the most effective due to the larger amounts of 7hydroxymitragynine. This is the component most responsible for pain relief and reduction in inflammation

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