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Is Duavent used in the presence of asthma? What are the: Contraindications, brand name, indications, mode of action, drug classification and adverse reactions? ## need to know more about duavent ## can i see more about duavent? all the detailed one? ## i need the complete drug study of this med please... including the generic name, dosage, frequency, classification, action, contraindication, and nursing intervention... please.. ## I am sorry to say that these types of questions pop-up a lot on here, however, when the medication is from a foreign source and not tested in the US, the information we have is very limited. Duavent is from India and contains the active ingredient Salbuterol and Ipratropium. It is used to treat bronchiospasms associated with asthma. Does anyone else have more ...

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0.5mg use in a nebulizer ## This medication is most commonly used via inhalation to treat COPD, since it is inhaled, it's most common side effects are dry mouth and sedation. Learn more Ipratropium Bromide details here. Are there any comments or concerns?

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