Invega And Weight Gain


This is my story: I've been taking Invega since 2013. I read dozens of pages on the Internet and they say it causes weight gain. I read everything on the papers they had in the medication box when I bought it and it says it causes weight gain. I asked many pharmacists and they say it causes weight gain. I asked more than 15 patients that take medication (same or other) and they say it causes weight gain. I asked friends or other people that know or not know about it and they say it causes weight gain. And ALL ALL ALL ALL psychiatrists say it does NOT! Filthy LIARS! I gained 43 kilos in less than 3 months. I was 68 kilos and now I am 111 kg. Every month I lose 1 or 2 kilos and gain them again. My skin has got stretch marks for more than one year in my belly, in my central body Everywhere and in my legs and there is no way I can make them disappear. I visited a dermatologist and he said I will probably have them for all of my life. I will never have a nice body. I will never like my body! I HATE it! I have been suffering so much from my medication. THIS is my story. THIS is my opinion on Invega. I do not offend someone specifically. Just expressing my experienced opinion. My true story. After so much pain!!

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Both the U.S. FDA and the NIH list weight gain as being a possible side effect of this medication, along with nausea, dizziness, appetite changes, and muscle aches. Most medications that used to treat mental health issues are known to cause weight gain.

Are you on any other medications, or just this one?

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Hi, my name is Adriana and I'm from Costa Rica. I was on this medication invega sustenna 75mlg, they said I had a schizophrenic episode but I do not have schizophrenia... My psychiatrist didnt speak to me at any point, and without knowing me, he prescribed me invega sustenna just because I was in the hospital, and so far I am obligated to take the shot because my dad and mom say so. My weight was 50kilos and now I am 78kilos in 1 year and 6 months of taking the shot. It's terrible. I feel tired all the time, I dont see clearly and I am looking forward to finding another medicine. They say that my neurotransmitters are not connecting how it should be and that's why I had the episode, but the stupid episode is that I had troubles with my dad at that time and I lost my job. I was renting an apartment and lost the key, I went to Denny's the food place, and stayed there 2 days to think about what to do. Anyways it's stupid, I just didn't want to involve them in my situation with the apartment. But well here I am, fat due to the medicine I am taking. Does anybody know of a better medicine? I don't know what to do?

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