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I am 53 years old women patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis since 1987. Taken infliximab two times (1991 and 2006). At present I am taking Arava 10, Methotrexate, HCQS-200, Defza 6 and other medicine for blood pressure and thyroied. I am taking Defza 6 for last one year. Now my skin is becoming dark and eye power is gaining. How long I can continue Defza 6. Any other sugestion? ## According to your advice I have reduced the Defza 6 dose to alternative day and also reduced the dose of HCQS. Pains are increasing but trying to reduce the pain by Paracitamol. I shall reduce the doses of above medicine gradually. ## Now I am taking Defza 1mg daily. I have stopped HCQS. Now I am taking Saaj 500 instead of HCQS. Pain is tolerable.

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what the cost of one injection ## Infliximab is most commonly used to treat auto-immune disorders. As to the price, I cannot give you a definitive answer, as it will vary depending on where you live. The price may vary some, from pharmacy to pharmacy. Have you tried calling a few to check? ## what is the role of fleximab on patients of rhemotied arthirits or ankylosing spondilits ## Hi I have severe systemic behcet, s VASCULITIS DO YOU RECOMEND FLIXAMAP For this disease and whaf Are the side effects and are they with the risks.....

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