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It will be highly appreciated if you let me know the minimum daily dose and how long a patient would use Indacterol for COPD. At present it's marketed by BEXIMMCO in Bangladesh under the trade name "ONRIVA 150", instead of onriva 75. I am taking onriva 75 daily one capsule (as an inhaler), but now they are only marketing ONRIVA 150. My Doctor is now out of country to attend some medical seminar, etc. So I am unable to seek a doctor's advice. I'm also interested in knowing if TIOTROPIUM 18mcg is a substitute for Indaceterol maleate or not? Oh, and I am also taking another medicine known as Roflumilast 500 mcg for controling COPD. How long i will take Roflumilast 500 mcg for full control of COPD? I am 72 years old. Your early reply will be appreciated! Thanks and regar...