Ilvitrim Suspension And Feeding My Baby At 5 Months


My child tested negative twice and I am positive. She is on ilvitrim suspension but I can't provide enough breast milk for her and I have since started feeding her using my breadtmilk and breastfeeding at the same time. Should I stop feeding her or continue doing what am doing or stop cause it might be at her risk?

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I'm HIV positive and my child texted negative but she is taking ilvitrim,I told in the clinic how to use it but I forgot please remind me how to measure it my child is 4 months and its waight is 5.1 kg?.

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Hi please help... my daughter is taking Ilvitrim and now 6 months weighing 8,1 kg... how much dose should she take now? I had to buy medication I missed clinic appointment after she's been in car accident....would really appreciate your help.

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Hi. I found out that I'm hiv positive and I was breastfeed all the time then since I found out I did stop and I'm still waiting for my baby results. Is there a possibility she can be affected? And yes, they have given her Ilvitrim suspension.

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