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In the past I have been prescribed Iberet 500 gradumet tablets for anemia. They work very well, no nausea or constipation and prompt response in raising hemoglobin levels. Are they still available in this country? ## @calm1inc, From what I've researched these tablets don't seem to be available in the US. I went onto the manufacturer's website (abbott) and they only show Iberet-500 as a medicine available in Pakistan. However, I did take note of the list of ingredients below: Apparently it comes in a controlled released dosage form (Gradumet tablet) Ferrous sulphate 525 (105mg of elemental iron) Folic Acid 800mcg Vit C 500mg B1 6mg B2 6mg B6 5mg B12 25mcg Nicotiamide 30 mg Calcium pantothenate 10mg. With this information in hand, perhaps you can go to a compounding pharmacy a...

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