I Have Been On 5 Mg Oxycodone For 2 Yrs The Last 4 Days Taking Tramadol And No So Far Am Fine Out


I have been on 5mg oxycodone 3 to 4 times a day for 2 yrs. 5 days ago i started taking tramadol instead, I am out of the woods yet with the oxycodone addiction

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It can take several weeks for all possible withdrawal symptoms to disappear, especially after being on it for so long, so you should still proceed with caution.


Did your doctor recommend the use of Tramadol? Because it can also be habit forming.


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Be very careful with tramadol!!! It's prone to giving seizures. I NEVER had a seizure in my life and I'm 42 now. I took Ultram/tramadol and I had a full blown seizure

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4% of the poulation become as addicted to tramadol as H, and the withdrwal is the same... I know from hands on experience. It took my doc months of research. The best thing was to get me addicted to something with a titration scale as there isnt one for tramadol/iltram

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Beware of Tramadol addiction. It's horrendous! I know first hand as well....

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No Motion from 3 Days Pls Tell what Problem Will be their

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Jim....tramadol is only good for your first week of withdrawl from oxy. If you continue beyond that you may find yourself having to withdrawl from the tram. I use tramadol to get through my first week of discontinuing the oxy. Done this many times. It's very helpful, but addiction to trams is very difficult to break, because the withdrawl, at least for me is 3x worse than oxy. Of course, I only take 10mg. a dose (oxy). I do recommend trams to aid in withdrawl, but only with the intent of using for one week. Hope this is helpful to you.

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You can try kratom, the maeng da red. It is from a tree and really help with withdrawal. And with agmatine (supplement) you wouldn't have to take as much. It is a potentiator.

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