I am suffering from Irritating Bowel Syndrome, So that I cannot take any type off spicy Foods,Specially Chilly powder,Hot spicy Food with oil,and some fruits like Mango ,Grape,and sweets like Ice creams or anything made out off Thick milk cream,All these food has effect on my digestive system like unformed stool or frequency going toilet next day with mild pain stomach So I would like to know Rifaximine Tablet has remedy for this.

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Rifaximin tablets will not help you. There is no "effective" medicine for it.

IBS can only be cured by diet regulation.

Also, consult a doctor. There are many a things that would have IBS symptoms, but would not be IBS

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GM is correct, Rifaximin is an antibiotic and it will not cure IBS, as was also stated there is no cure for IBS.


However, there are some medications that may help, but antibiotics aren't a good idea to use, unless you have an actual infection that needs to be treated, because if used improperly, you can develop antibiotic resistance.

But, as GM stated, most people with IBS have to use their diet to regulate their symptoms. They have to stay away from the foods that cause flare ups.

You can learn more about IBS here:


What has your doctor advised?

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