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Melas should not be used as a skin fairness cream... Melas cream should be used only at night before bed time for 15-20 minutes and then clean your face. And the next day use Melas ultra cream 5-6 times during the day. Note: After you've finished the product use only Melas soap... ## Meals cream is very effective - you all should use it. ## Can I still use melas cream for skin whitening if I don't have acne or pimples? Or will it cause side effects? ## I had used melas cream for 2 months, now my skin has become red and some pimples are forming by using this. What can I do? Please tell me as soon as possible.

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Hello I had a question on tretinoin cream about it hepling for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation does it really help. I have the 0.1% and all my acne is gone but im stucm with these red dark marks on my face. Im 19 years old brown skin ## Hello, David! How are you? Actually, if you were using it for acne, then the Tretinoin cream could have caused the hyperpigmentation. It has been known to do that, according to the FDA medication information sheet. Other side effects can include skin irritation, sun sensitivity and stinging. Thus, it might not be something you want to use to try to get rid of this, unless your doctor has instructed you to use it for that. What else do you use on your skin? ## hello david, you can used supatreat 0.04% gel for your red marks. it is good cream for acne ...

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I need to know the above contents for melascream. as I need to the contents for melas cream ## Hello, Supric! How are you? No, this is an Ayurvedic product that contains various natural extracts in a cream base. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am using melas cream from 2 weeks. I know after using it ur skin peels off and becomes dry. what should be used during day time to keep our skin moist as while I m in office I just cant get rid of this dryness. Also someday it goes very nice, other day my face becomes red...I m now confused shd I use it regularly or onky during weekdays. also please let me know to get rid of this dryness. as I m using lotion also during day time for 1hr and then I wipe it off. ## please reply I m waiting to follow

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After hydroquinone is applied to face, how long is that ingredient active on the skin? Minutes/hours?c ## Even though human absorption of Hydroquinone upon topical application is less efficient than with oral administration, Hydroquinone elimination occurs rapidly, primarily via urine. It's half life can vary based on my research, but one trial concludes that: A review found that in "F344 rats", the blood elimination half-life of hydroquinone administered i.v. was 18.7 min and that with oral administration was 14.8 min. With i.p. administration to "B6C3F1 mice", the hydroquinone half-life was 9 min. As that study was done with rats, I did opt to look for other details, which indicated that the half life was 12 hours or roughly half a day, with it's peak plasma co...

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What is Melacare and what is it used for? ## Melacare is a Skin Bleaching Cream, for external use in fading freckles and the darkening of the skin due to tan and other external factors. It is manufactured in Thailand, and has the Active Ingredient: Hydroquinone 2%.

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Have just been prescribed this but am concerned about: 1.Does it cause skin cancer, other cancers? 2. Will the treated area appear darker from using this product? I want my condition improved not worsened. Any feedback, experience with the product would be help. Also how long should one use this for? Is it safe..