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I want to give a positive urine test for Norco 10/325 on wensday. when should I take it in advance to show up positive on my urine test and how many pills should I take? this is Tuesday, should I start taking the Norco this morning, this afternoon, or at bedtime and how many pills should I take? ## Hello, I have a pain management appointment at 12:15 on Monday. I am supposed to take 10 mgs of hydrocodone 3 times a day. I haven't taken any in a few days because I also take neurontin and it has made me very sick but, I need to get my refills. My question is, if I take the hydrocodone 10mgs 3 times a day Saturday then again on Sunday then 1 10mg tablet Monday morning before my appointment, will I test in the normal threshold range on my urine test and pass my urine test? ## About 2 hou...

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