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I was prescribed Dilaudid 2mg every 6 hours as needed for pain after being in the hospital for 5 days getting it through an IV every 2 hours as needed.... The pills I was prescribed were 4mg and I cut them in half.... Am I at serious risk if I take a whole pill for severe pain??? I am embarassed to ask my doctor in fear that he will think I am an addict trying to get a cheap high. This is not the case however. I actually am not a fan of taking pills at all, not even tylenol. The pain is almost unbearable. What do I do???

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4mgs is not a dangerous dose, though it is really strong and if you aren't used to taking medications, it will probably hit you very hard and you'll experience more of the side effects.

Since it is a potent narcotic, they can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation.

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The biggest problem I see is that by using more than what is prescribed, you will more than likely run out early and then, you'll have to explain the problem to your doctor, anyway. In that scenario, it is much more likely that he will think you have a drug problem. This means that you are probably better off just being honest and talking to him about it, now.

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I got surgery on my shoulder and I'm on 8 mgs every three hrs if u want to be out of pain put a few a side that you can cut n half if u get close to running out befor your refill taking the for mgs you'll be fine and out of pain because ur body is already used to being on that pacific pain killer.

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I would defifently take what u where prescribed. And tell the dr its not helping cause u will be in worse shape if u run out

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My friend took Dilaudid HP 1 mg/1ml by mouth 24 hours prior to a u.a. for work. Will it show in urine?

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I have lower back pain. Tramodol 50mg. gets me by. Could I take an occasional 2 mg Hydromorphone when I go to the State Fair?

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Please tell me where I can get my dilaudid RX filled in MD 2 mqss

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Rite Aid pharmacy orders it in special for me I'm in Pennsylvania

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I agree, be honest. A lot of drug seekers made it difficult for the seriously sick people....drug seekers need to get a heart n stay away from doctor's....your only asking for BIG problems. people think well it's ONLY a pill what harm can come from it and buying it on the street is a federal offense. Sorry I got off track but I'm very upset with the problems this whole pill epidemic has\is causing...I have two children that have stolen mine and tough love isn't easy. I pressed charges and one still barely speaks to me. one is after year n half clean n sober...my first I spoke of did almost two years in jail...on prob. until 28. he's 21 now recently, but I pressed charges thinking I would make him either finally get help and fly straight but instead failed so many times during prob. now he's a drinker everyday....turned from the pills to alcohol n I DON'T understand after being incarcerated for nearly two years you'd think he'd be sober...that's what abusing pills does...anyone with meds in my house gets a dead bolt on the bedroom door and a real safe. I did but my son got in anyway n I slept with the keys around my neck...think twice n don't be soft on anyone. report them bc they could die and for what.....just my view. I pray I didn't cross boundaries. I'm new here n pray I didn't hurt or offend anyone. I've been through a lot. it hurts itself almost like choosing no one to come to your home or my meds. I told my Dr that's not fair, especially to someone who's turning 48 this April and Dr's three of them telling me they don't expect me to make it past 50....I fought death three times. I told them do not ever say that to me. i'm a fighter n the LOVE for my boys, parent's, sister n nieces, I'll fight hard for them with God's blessing I hope and pray...I'm here always to talk to anyone that's sick....I have four auto immune diseases and many more confirmed many times. amazing I'm the lucky one. Dr's can't believe how one person has so much wrong...it's ok, I made my peace years ago. now everyday I do NOT take easily bc I'm blessed everyday I wake n I do it with the biggest smile n thank you to above. Sincerely your friend, bc one's that aren't sick they just don't get us, even our MOST LOVED ones truly don't...but I'm here for anyone. plz hmu..love, peace n happiness.

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If you mention it to your doctor, don’t be surprised if he gets “scared” & takes you off the med. But you shouldn’t cut any med in half unless the pill is scored.

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I was in hospital for 7 months takeing diladid they sennt me home on 4 mg and i did not think i was addicted untell i ran out for 4 days so if you are worried about addiction take small doses and skip a day or 2 if you can if you are addicted thin you will for shur know after going a day or 2 without

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

What is going on with the shortage? I have tried every pharmacy in Jacksonville NC who states there's a manufacturing issue. Been trying since November 2023 for a refill 2 mg?

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Re: Mona (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

This is not a reply. As of yesterday February 22, 2024 my pharmacy PUBLIX said they still had not received hydromorphone from a supplier since early November 2023! What can be done?

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Re: Mona (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

This is not a reply again. As of 3/15/2024, no Hydromorphone is available in Jacksonville, New Bern or Wilmington NC!! Can't believe it's been this long of time! Unfortunately Oxycodone does not help the pain.

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I doubt it ! I've taken a much stronger dosage paired with oxycontin , so I think you should be alright !

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I am on 4 mg as of right now for terrible pain and I take 300 mg gabapentin. If your prescription is for 4 mg your doctor must have thought it was in your best interest. Again, I cannot tell you what to take as I am not a doctor. When in doubt talk to the pharmacist or physician! God bless!

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