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decondine in tablet , ## I AM M/36 FROM CHENNAI,INDIA mY PROBLEM IS THAT , I have pain at leg finger.I can understand thatis due to dust or foreign particle inbetween the shin and nail of my leg finger on my right leg,.May be due to wearing of shoes'. I HAVE APPLIED COCONUT OIL INTHE PLACE. BUT STILL IT IS PAINFUL. NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO TO CONTROLL IT? PL ADVISE ## I must apologize, I am having trouble understanding what you are talking about, however, your best bet is to consult a doctor. ## First you clean your finger with anti bacterial like hydrogen peroxide. It may be some what painful still you have to do. Let the Hydrogen peroxide enter the space between nail and skin.Clean twice a day ## Why capsule Veloz 20 is prescribed ? What are its side effects ? ## I had undergone angeo...

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There's a book you can google & print out called THE ONE-MINUTE CURE. It will tell you all about how to use 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxied.. Another route you can try is Taheebo Tea.. google Taheebo Tea. A lot of cancer patients drink this tea. ## Hi Claudette, Thanks for taking the time to share this information. I actually haven't heard of Taheebo Tea until reading your post, but I also posted something similar a while back about various other types of cancer treatment that's available outside the realm of chemotherapy; (Hydrogen peroxide being a strong contender among the many available treatment options). A few other alternatives I'd recommend looking into are Baking Soda, Reishi/Chaga Mushrooms, Cannabis (THC/CBD's), and even implementing a raw vegan diet....

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There are times when my breath smells like poop. And other times it smells like something dead. Could this be coming from my stomach. I do go to the dentist twice a year. ## Bad breath could be because of numerous issues, it could be a medical sign such as diabetes. It could also be as simple as the food you eat (like garlic or onions) it could be how often you brush or floss your teeth. I would schedule an appointment with you Dentist. If you have already done that, then I would set one with your M.D. and ask he or she what your situation might be. ## Try regularly flushing your sinuses with salt water. Also try gargling with hydrogen peroxide 3%. Don't eat any dairy foods or drink tea or coffee or anything with sugar or alcohol in it. I can tell you Oraltech Labs advice worked for...

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Will this medicine help prevent infections after having teeth pulled I just had total extractions and was wworried about infections will this help ## Hi Tjay, Based on my research, antibiotics can be used to treat a tooth infection as well as prevent infections in some cases. I recommend that you just keep your mouth as clean and hygienic as possible, you can try rinsing with hydrogen peroxide if your dentist allows. Clove essential is also something you may want to look into trying because it does have antibacterial properties and is great for hygiene of the gums of teeth. Antibiotics are so harsh on the body and can cause lots of other issues, I wouldn't use them unless you have to. I hope this advice helps!

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