How Long To Wait To Drink After Taking Morphine Sulfate Er


I need a clear answer of how long will it take for the Morphine Sulfate ER to get out of one's system before it's safe to drink alcohol? To be very clear, I know to never drink on the same day of taking opiates, especially ER (extended release) drugs.

I'm taking morphine sulfate ER 15 mg twice a day. With these ER drugs, I understand that they're designed to remain in the body for long. When looking up the half life for morphine, it would only refer to the morphine itself without factoring the ER delivery system. So I cannot find reliable info for my question.

How long should one wait to drink, or how long will it take for Morphine Sulfate ER to significantly get out of your system, before it's safe to consume alcohol. Although I only plan to have only a couple of drinks, let's consider if one were to have plenty of drinks for extreme circumstances, in determining how long would it take for the Morphine Sulfate ER to get out of one's system so that they can binge drink without the morphine interacting.

Also, should I be concern if the morphine would build up in my system like with other longer half life drugs such as SSRIs?

I did ask my doctor and pharmacist, but they've said it's not recommended. I need a reasonable answer as I don't ever really want to drink while taking opiates simultaneously but also want to drink alcohol on occasions like most people do such as going out to dinner and such. Thanks!

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Once again, I'm only asking (and I did ask the doctor how long should one wait, never drinking at the same time) how long would it take for the morphine sulfate ER to get out of one's system before it would be safe to drink. To be clear, I want to wait for the Morphine Sulfate ER to get out of my system.

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Hi did you get any replies as I also need the answer exactly the same as your questions

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My opinion is if you can't find the half life info to the extended release version, then maybe it would be best to wait it out for say double or triple the normal length of time one would typically wait; taking into account the number of dosing intervals per day for IR vs ER. I know it's not necessarily an accurate way to go about measuring time frames, but my thoughts are that it would likely put you in the "safe zone" so to speak - at least for minor to moderate drinking.

I understand the frustration of not being able to drink with friends or family during special occasions, but for your own well-being, abstaining during treatment may be the only other "reasonable" answer outside of having drug panels checking your opiate levels periodically.

Does anyone else have advice from personal experience?

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imagHi there, I have rectal cancer and I take 1 morphine sulfate 15mg pill every 4 hours. I would imagine it would be safe to drink anytime after you miss a dose and not before you miss a dose. So if you take morphine twice a day 6am and 6pm. After you miss the 6pm dose you should be safe cause the 6am morphine pill should be about out of your system for you to be safe to have another does of morphine. So morpgine should be about out of your system. As for liver and kidneys it's always a risks of causing some type of damage to them. So that's just risk verses reward. I have dranked 6 hours after taking morphine. Of couse my morphine is to be taken every 4 hours. It was like normal drinking except for waking up the next morning with a hangover. I never really have hangovers plus the next day it seemed like the morphine pills wouldn't work. It's not worth it to drink for me after that experience. One day of pain medicine not working really sucked for me. Plus I dranked 1 1/2 40oz. bottles of Bud Ice in about 4hrs. So the choice is yours.

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