Hetrazan 100 Side Effects


I am using it since last 3 months. 2 tablets daily.

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Hetrazan contains the active ingredient Diethylcarbamazine, it is used to treat infections of different types of worms.

As to the side effects, they usually only last for the first 4 to 6 weeks of using the medication, so you really shouldn't be experiencing many, after 3 months. However, they can include: nausea, facial itching and swelling of the eyes.


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I am treating a Bancrofti infection in the US. I am using DEC. I am trying to gather information from other users of this medication. Please tell me why you are using DEC for three months?

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My friends' 20yr old son has just expired due to hetrazan. post mortem reveals cause of death as hetrazan. he was prescribed the drug for esonophilia. He was hale and hearty the previous day but when his mum went to wake him up in the morning she found him dead. This is tragic. I am looking for serious complications that have been reported about hetrazan. Has sudden death been reported due to oesophagul spasms??

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I am suffering from allergic asthama for about 20 years. I am 48 now. Before 4 years i was taking hetrazan 100 and Betensole tabs in small quantity after crushing both tabs together to powder form. This was the dose which was panacea for me when inhailors also did not gave relife. Please advice if i can continue these tabs as above at times of extreme asthematic problem.

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