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Would like to know where I can find Heet liniment ## Maybe you can call your doc or pharmacist and tell them the active ingredients (and amounts), and they can make it for you. Pharmacists are usually able to mix serums together as needed. Here is what goes in it: Active Ingredients in Liquid: Camphor 3.6% + Capsaicin 0.25% + Methyl Salicylate 15% Hope this helps! ## I have tried for over 2 summers to get this product to no avail and have used for 15 years on back. One byt one places quit carryingit and daughter is a pharmacist and tried to special order it, again no luck. Wonder what the problem is and please let me know if you have any luck and I will do the same. However, I amnot cutting over a limb for the cost of a bottle. ## I just ordered 5 bottles from Monticello.com for $50 ## ...

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Monticello Drug Company 1604 Stockton St. Jacksonville, FL, 32204 1-800-735-0666 Ext126 contact name Alan 2.6 oz price $8.95 ## Joye, thanks for this helpful information. Is this the same product as others have described at the following related discussion thread ?

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