Gum Infection Under Root Canal


I have a infection under an old root canal. Dentist sent me to Endo who opened the tooth redid the root canal packed it and gave my amoxicillin 500x3 day. Pain the next day was so bad I went back to Endo and he took out the packing to let it drain. Went back two days later and he repacked the tooth. The packing fell out the same day and I had to leave the country for two weeks. I am scheduled to see a Endo when I get back to fill the root canal, I am now a week in and in Mexico and can’t bite without severe pain. Don’t know what to do.

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While I understand that the best option is to save a tooth, if possible, you might be at the point where an extraction might be your best bet to do away with the pain and recurring issues. Was the tooth ever capped? Once a root canal is done, a tooth should be capped, to prevent further issues, except in certain circumstances, according to NIH studies.

I discovered this years ago, when I had a root canal done and the tooth wasn't capped, I went to a new dentist and they were amazed that it was never capped to protect it.

Did the first dentist fill it, or do anything else? Why are you seeing an Endo for a dental issue?

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Tooth was crowned 10 years ago. Dentist saw infection in gum took X-ray sent me to Endo. Drilled thru crown to relieve pressure and drain. Found 1 nerve that was still there. Put temporary in place told me to come back to finish in two weeks when I got back from Mexico. Continued pain in Mexico, saw dentist here and shaved crown down and was told to see Endo today. Big abscess on gum where infection is. Pain still present but not as bad as it was prior to dentist shaving down crown.

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