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I used a multivitamin known as micebrin by lily pharmacutical a long time ago and was very satisfied with the results.However, I've found out that they no longer mfg. it and am interested in finding a substitute of same quality and make-up. ## Hi, Jerry! How are you? Unfortunately, since it has been discontinued, I haven't been able to find a listing of exactly what it contained and the dosages. However, there are many great multivitamin products available, both via prescription and over the counter. Have you talked to your doctor about it? They can most likely suggest one that may be good for you to take. ## I am interested in Mi-Cebrin T. I have an actual copy of the label. How could I send it to you? ## I would love to have a copy. Could you email me?

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I have been taking GenerixT for 30 years. I was just looking to see if I could get on-line. ## I have been taking a therapeutic vitamin, Generix-T, (previously Micebrin-T was discontinued and a Pharmacist recommended Generix-T). I have been taking Generix-T, a dietary supplement, for 30 years. The product is distruted by Goldline Laboratories., Inc. It is an oblong, orange tablet with no marking. I was simply seeing if I could order on-line. ## I have searched everywhere and can't seem to locate this vitamin. Please help. ## Part of the challenge appears to be that the company which reportedly distributed it (Goldline Labs) was acquired by Ivax, which was then acquired by Teva. There is a good chance that this product was not carried over. Would you happen to have the list of ingred...

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