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Recently found out that Generic Librax is available at Sam's Club and the price for 60 pills, was approx $93.00. Cheapest place I have found.

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not bad... But somewhere there's better :)

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Prices are always subject to change and could certainly be more or less somewhere else on the planet. At least you found an affordable rate to continue getting your meds. Places like Sam's Club and Costco are great for that if you're already a member.

Some of the other prices I've seen people pay for the same thing are quite astronomical compared to what you payed. $109, $139.00, and even as much as $364.30 are some of the numbers that come up for 60 tablets of the brand name.

Were you using insurance or a drug savings card as well?

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Hi. To anyone who is in need of Librax w/ clidinium 5/2.5. I have done a lot of price searching and trying all the different stores with all the different savings club cards. The best possible price I have found is at CVS Pharmacy while using a free savings card. The end price is $53.25 for 90 pills of generic. It's total BS Medicare stopped covering this medicine cuz there is NOTHING that works as well! Hope this helps anyone in need. Good luck! Oh, if u find it cheaper please take the time to reply!

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