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I live with a questionable character who I have caught red handed taking my meds from me. I am prescribed amphetamine salts 30 mg xr, generic for adderall. They are orange and clear capsules filled with orange beads. The time I caught him I found that he had taken the pill apart and ingested the beads, then put the pill back together so I wouldn't know...really sneaky. I am worried that he has been stealing from me again. I got a lock box and have really been trying to monitor and count my meds and I noticed one was missing, which was really suspicious. I think he also has been pulling the pills apart and putting them back together again...I am noticing that there is some irregularity in the pill appearances; namely amount of beads inside (though I have heard there is a margin of error) and the sets of writing on either side of 3 of the capsules aren't lined up and symmetrical with each other. Does anyone know if the writing is always lined up or if it is possible that it was manufactured this way? Today when I was taking my meds one of the capsules burst open randomly in my hands. I've been taking this drug for my ADD for years and have never had this happen. I'm very suspicious to say the least and want to know for sure before I make accusations. I'm pretty sure I'm right but just wanted to check if anyone knows about regularity in pill appearance for amphetamine salts 30 mg xr - generic for adderall xr? Please advise...I'm really concerned.

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No, there is really no regularity in appearance and there doesn't have to be. Once you have them locked up, I don't think it's practical to think that someone else could be getting into them. I think you should just relax about it now, you've done the best you can do.

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I think if you have to lock your stuff up and dont trust him he shouldn't be staying there period! Especially if its ur house. I HATE LIARS AND THIEVES MORE THAN ANYTHING! I used to have that problem with someone I loved and I know how hard it can be , n it sucks when u think you know someone but u really haven't a clue! Since I've had issues in my past with ppl I trusted with everything , I lock my meds in a box and have a lock on my bedroom as well . I dont only lock it up bc of ppl I think will steal I now lock it bc I have a 13yr old and a 2yr old never can be too careful with any meds especially narcotics!

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I learned a long time ago to take them with you or hide them as if you had the family jewels. Once you know someone is after them,there isn't an end to the lengths that people will go through. Then find another roomate. Most Dr. Won't write another script unless a police report is filed,then youay or may not have a pharmacy fill it only to find out the insurance won't adjust the time frame for cost. What a mess..Besides if meds are being tsken god only knows what else.Just my 2 cent babble.

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Your two cents makes a great deal of sense. If you live with an addict that is NOT in active recovery and you are prescribed any type of controlled substance whether it be opiates, amphetamines, benzos, etc, rest assured that person will go to any length to get their hands on your medicine. An addict's nose for narcotics is better than the best hound dog's and that person will stop at nothing to get them.

Assuming you're safe because you locked them up is rather foolish, indeed. An addict in pursuit of narcotics can become the best lock pick in town, the most convincing liar since Satan, and a master at coaxing you into a false sense of security. I should know as I'm four years into recovery and I wore all the masks at one time.

Keep the knowledge that you have them your best kept secret. Barring that, replace the addict room mate with one that is either in active recovery or has no substance abuse issues in the first place. This isn't meant to denigrate that person. However, if he or she is an addict and not in recovery, chances are your suspicions with regard to your medication are probably correct.

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A practicing addict has no boundries. Whats theirs is there's and whats yours is there's. My guess is other antics have been happening. Loving someone doesn't mean we have to accept their unhealthy ways of life. Maybe its the elephant in the room. Peace & soul, D

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You're right 100%

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