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I do not feel good for my motions, i am unable to make regular bowel movements. I went from going daily, and now it takes three days for motion, please help me. I need a tablet for free motion daily.

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my dad is 58 year old and suffering from constipation since 2day

and tablet which he can have now ??

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iam not having regular motion only 3 or 4 days once i wil go to motion pls help me

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Pls tell free motion tablet I was not motions daily

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My mother 43years old having no motions scince 5days. Getting only toilet. She used Smuth tonic but no result.please help me which doctor I have to consult

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I troubling with motion problem. I am not getting motion daily in the morining. It comes for 3 days once.
Yesterday night i got severe stomach pain.
Give me suggestion.
Do i need to take tablets. If yes tell me tablet name.

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My grandmother is having a motion problem since 10 days she is has trouble.her age is 75 years.please suggest some medicine for free motion

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It is always best to solve all our health problem(s) without use of any medicine or chemical based drugs.

When we are not able to excrete the waste from your body it means something went wrong in our lifestyle, eating behavior, food habit and so on.

The best method for all problems especially GI related is problems is to GO FOR's a miraculous method cure all for our health problem..during fasting your entire system takes a rest and getting time to eliminate all the toxins accumulated in our body.. So i request you to all go for fasting for a day at least in a week with only drinking sugarless fresh juices.

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Hi sir my mother is suffering from motions since 1h and she also vomtings also

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I unable my motions irregularly and two three days I want free motion tablet

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I need a tablet for free motion For the past 2 days I have not gone for motion I am suffering from fever and severe headache

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Hello sir
Since 3 weeks I can't digest so I want to freely digestion for that what can I do sir & my age is 17 sir

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I am 39y year old I am safring motion problem
Dily not clear.. please tell me

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Re: CHER (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Motion getting once in four days strong and tight.

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daily motion not free so pls free moment of motion so tell good tablet

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