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Hello! I'm soon to be switching from Axiron to Fortesta. Can the Fortesta be applied under the arms/armpits the way Axiron is? Even using the applicator that is used with Axiron? Just curious as it would seem easy to apply that way. Thank you!

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Hello, Guessto! How are you?

Actually, the Fortesta instructions say that it should be applied on to the front and inner thigh. They do not specify why it is different from other products, but following their guidelines would be the best thing to do, unless your doctor approves for you to use a different place to apply it.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Hello Verwon,
Thank you so much for replying! Yes, I'm aware of where the Fortesta is supposed to be applied (front or inner thigh area). I know technically directions should be followed as per the manufacturer, but practically speaking, I was wondering if anyone applied to the armpit area (as chemically speaking, I think these type of meds are somewhat similar) and got similar results. Maybe just another way the manufacturer differentiates itself from others (application areas)? Anyway, I will follow manufacturer's direction instructions. It just would've been convenient if alternate way of applying really made no difference effectively.
Thanks again....nice forum!

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I switched my application from the leg to the armpits, with my doctor's help. Note that the effective absorbtivity of the armpit is much higher than the front of the leg, so your daily applied amount will likely be reduced. E.g., in my case, my daily dose went from 4 pumps per day on the front of the legs to 1.7143 pumps per day on the armpits, i.e., 2 pumps per day for 5 days of the week, and 1 pump per day for the other 2 days of the week, so 12 pumps total per week/7 days = 1.7143 pumps per day. If you are going to make any changes, be sure to get you blood levels checked afterwards.

Good luck.

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why did you switch from the legs to the arm pits? can you tell me the reading of your lab results before and after the switch?

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