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I have been taking Forteo for 5 days. I am light headed, feeling of drunkenness, shaky, headaches, nauseous, disoriented, and some blurred vision daily. My doctors office was closed on Friday and at this point I'm scared and not sure to continue taking or not.

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The symptoms that you are describing are all listed as known side effects for forteo. They should only last for around 4 hours, however, they also state that if you experience fainting, unusual tiredness or mental/mood changes such as confusion then you should head to the emergency room as these are serious conditions that need immediate attention.

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From what I read on Medline Plus, nausea is one of the more serious side effects. I don't know about discontinuing use, but I would report what you are experiencing to your doctor as soon as you get the chance. Actually, since your message was from about a week ago as of writing this, did you have a chance to speak with the Dr yet? Have your side effects resolved themselves, or did they have you stop this medication?

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Talk to your Pharmacist if you can't talk to your Dr. They know more than the meds then your Drs FYI.

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I have been taking it for 4 weeks now and the symptoms have not been getting better for me. I have achy bones, cramps in legs, foggy mind and just feel like ____. It didn't start that way and gradually is getting worse. I talked to the PT and she said that it takes 8 weeks for your body to adjust to it but ..... my husband and I just can't get through that time period. I'm thinking sadly that this is not a med for me....not sure what to do. I don't see it getting better. Does anyone have any info that it does get better after 8 weeks? Thank you

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