Forteo - Painful Side Effects Returning 2 Years Later


I am a 65 year old female and started taking Forteo at age 63 due to a low bone density and family history of osteoporosis. I had very painful side effects in most of my joints and muscles. I stopped taking it after 3 months and the pain went away after several more months. Two years down the road, and not on any medications, the same pains have returned and have persisted for the last 5 months. The pain is especially bad once I lay down at night. Today I cannot lift my arm over my shoulder, my thumb is so painful I can not write a grocery list and, after hiking 5,000 foot mountains just 6 months ago, I need assistance to get in or out of bed. I have tested negative for bone cancer and Lyme disease. Rheumatoid arthritis has been ruled out but without conclusive testing. Has anyone had the side effects return? Did something trigger them? Have they gone away and how long did they last?

Thank you!

P.S. I was very active walking, hiking, kayaking and biking... and took the inj's. as a preventative measure due to family history.

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57 male, on Forteo for 2 months, no side effects but maybe weight gain. It could be weight gain from 3 months of being bedridden due to an issue from compound fractures. Forteo for me receives a thumbs up so far as of 6/25/2017.

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Hello Susan,

There is no medical data that would suggest you would experience these symptoms again without continuing to take the medication. What I'm wondering is if the problem that you were originally taking Forteo for has returned. Since Forteo is a drug to help calcium metabolism it sounds to me like it could possibly be something regarding your bodies calcium. What sorts of tests have you done regarding the calcium levels in your blood stream and what have the results been?

The reason I ask is when I was younger my grandmother had an issue with her bodies ability to metabolize calcium and it ended up causing her extreme pains in multiple places. I was too young to fully understand the complete situation but I do know that her pain was caused by having too much calcium.

Keep us updated on what you find as you go.

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