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Does anyone have Celiac and takes Forteo? My doctor prescribed this medicine for my osteoporosis. I am extremely worried about taking this medicine and all the side affects with Forteo. I am 51, post menopause, and have a fractured leg. The bone is taking a lot of time to heal. One side effect I read from Forteo was more fractures. I am looking for any side affects from people with auto immune diseases, not doctors answers. Thank you.

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Hi Alice,
I am set to begin my first dosing of Forteo this week and I am very nervous. I am 53 and was dx with Celiac in 2004. I also have multiple other autoimmune dx. One of my long term meds is oral prednisone. Also early menopause at 42 with no artificial medically suggested. I have osteoporosis and osteopenia measurements. Also on warfarin for autoimmune antiphospholipid syndrome, so an increase in Vit K is complicated and tricky.

I can keep you posted with updates.

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Hi Alice, my name is Lynda and I've taken Forteo for just over 2 yrs for osteoporosis in 2015. Since then it seems like my bones are worse, like I'm carrying 3 times my weight on my feet... worst of all, I nearly died at home before they explored and found me 100% blocked at my Aorta and called it a Celiac stenosis. I didn't have a problem like that before but I did complain to my Dr that my veins stuck out bad and rubbing down them they'd remain flat until I clutched a fist to make blood reflow. Forteo rebuilds new bone but doesn't specify where. The surgeon had a lot of trouble unblocking my Aorta and placed a stent and placed me on plavix, a blood thinner. As for me, I'll never try Forteo again. I'm 55 now and my body feels like I'm 70. The Dr never said what the blockage was either.

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