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My husband was just given a prescription by his doctor for folgard os. Can you please tell me which vitamins it contains and the amount of each vitamin. ## my spouse also takes it he has the bottle it has 1.1 mg Folic Acid, 12.5 mg Vit B-6, 250 mcg Vit B-12, 100 mg Magnesium, 300 IU Vit D-3, 1.5 mg Boron this is off the bottle of 60 tablets he is to take 2 tabs every day both instructions on bottle and his Dr's RX ## What is the best vit. B-12 source for improving cognitive functions? I am taking Folgard OS which has some vit B but does not have the B-12. What can I9 take in addition to the Folgard? ## I believe there was a misunderstanding here, because Folgard-OS does indeed contain Vitamin B12, just as lb listed in their post. Thus, it isn't necessary to add another source, u...

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