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Well, my husband and I tried to get our Fluticasone refilled today and we were told that there is a shortage and the pharmacy said it could be months before they get a supply in. They said they will order it every day. Doesn't give us much consolation. Have asked our doctors to prescribe something else. Well my insurance company will pay some on Nasacort and my husband's company will only pay half which makes it too expensive for him to purchase. What the heck is going on with these drugs companies? Also really like the fact that we are kept in the loop on this one. Didn't know there was a shortage until it was time to refill this month. They have known about the shortage since April when Par stopped making Fluticasone.

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We live in Aloha, OR. Last weekend my husband and I were unable to get our monthly order of Fluticasone. The pharmacy said there is a shortage and that the would be ordering every day until they get some in. We also tried ordering Flonase. There is a shortage of that. On Tuesday were were informed that the pharmacy got a shipment in and we were able to get our prescriptions filled. When asked if we would have to go through this next month we were informed that we would probably have to. We also have a friend who lives in another city in Oregon who had the same problem, except he couldn't get Flonase, but could get the Fluticasone. Is anyone else in the US having this same problem? The insurance companies are not lowering their copays on other nasal sprays that are comparable to fluticasone/flonase while this shortage is on. I was informed by my insurance company that it is the employer that decides what the copays should be???????? Can that possbly be right? No one seems to have any answers. What makes me angry is the fact that we were not informed in April that there was a shortage, rather when it came time to renew in May we were out of luck. I am also involved with the Azmacort blog. It is just getting ridiculous that we have to fight to get drugs that we need.

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What you've reported sounds right to me. Not just one but several manufacturers of the Fluticasone are reporting shortages for a variety of reasons. First, Par (a generic manufacturer) completely stopped making it all-together in April of last year. Then we have Apotex reporting production delays and both Roxane + Hi-Tech stating that an increased demand has resulted in a shortage from them. All this comes from a bulletin which further verified what we've all been seeing. It does appear that the brand name Flonase from GlaxoSmithKline should be more readily available, but the cost would be higher. I'm actually surprised that your friend had an easier time getting the generic than the brand.

As to insurance co-pays, it is true that it is up to the employer to decide which health plans to offer their employees, and subsequently, what the resulting copays would be. One company I was with a few years ago had an amazing plan with pretty much everything included and very low co-pays, but that all changed when they were acquired by another firm.

Has anyone tried ordering from Canada?

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Here in Wash st. our pharmacy is out too. Its been about 2 months since I have not had fluticasone. I am thinking of going back to the Doctor and ask to write me up for Flonase because this is rediculous.

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Good luck with getting Flonase. There is a shortage of that as well. I was able to get a prescription for Nasacort which is really expensive. I guess we are at the mercy of the drug companies until this shortage is over. We are due to get a refill on our prescriptions for Fluticason this weekend. I guess it is just a wait and see kind of thing right now. Will let you know if we get our prescriptions refilled.

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I have a prescription for fluticasone that I usually fill for $14.00 at Walmart. This month I went to get my refill and it was $65.00. I don't have insurance for this, so needless to say I did not get it. I asked the pharmacist why it was so much more expensive than last month and he couldn't give me any answer. Obviously it's the shortage of the spray. Hopefully the problem will be solved soon and the price will go down.

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It is just about time for us to get a refill of our Fluticasone. It will be interesting to see if we are able to get our prescriptions. Luckily our insurance pays for the drug. I can't imagine why the cost was so much for you. I don't think the drug companies give a care about us actually. We just have to try and get our prescriptions.

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Got a letter from my pharmacy that my futicasone RX was changed to flunisolide because of a shortage. I can't wait till they can get fluticasone again this new stuff has to be double sprayed twice a day and it makes me gag when it drips.

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Our pharmacy is even out of that. Don't know if we will get our refill this time. I have a back up of Nasacort, but my husband doesn't. Too expensive. Will let you know.

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