Flecainide 50mg One Twice A Day After Having A Catheter Ablation Two And A Half Weeks Later I M Having The Same Issues As I Had Befor The Ablation


After having a catheter ablation the doctor prescribed Flecainide and now three weeks later I'm having the same issues I had before
the ablation.
I'm having dizzy spells, fainting spells (although they stop before I fall) and flashes of heat thru my body. I'm also on Metoprolol and Pradaxa.

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Hello, Janette! Sorry about the problems that you're having.

Have you checked your blood pressure, when you're feeling dizzy and/or faint?

There is a chance that it may be going too low and causing these types of symptoms.

Is there any particular time that they happen more frequently, such as when you stand or sit up suddenly?

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My blood pressure is good, and the spells can come when I'm sitting or standing. I did stop taking the Flecainide. Had one spell since. The doctor said it will take 3-4 days to get the medicine out of my system. I just have to believe that's the cause.
As a matter of fact, when I look up the side effects of Flecainide It says just what I've been going thru. including BURNING!
Thanks for your concern.

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Safe po ba inumin ung flecainide khit nagpapadede ..mabilis po un magparegla

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