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Feen-A-Mint was originally formulated with White Phenolphthalein when it was first introduced about 110 years ago. Then in the 1930's it got reformulated to Yellow Phenolphthalein. Originally available as a chewing gum laxative, over the years it also got manufactured in other forms such as chocolate mint "cookie" and pills (which also contained Docusate Sodium). Today, Feen-A-Mint is formulated with Bisacodyl for the North American market and with Sodium Picosulphate for other countries. ## Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the background of Feen-A-Mint. I understand this is a type of laxative, however I'm also curious to know how others with personal experience might feel about its efficacy in comparison with each respective country's version of Feen-A-Mint (e....

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