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Methyl salicylate in what medicine? ## Methyl Salicylate is wintergreen oil, it is used in many different products, such as topical skin creams and ointments. Some items that contain it are: Exocaine Medicated Rub, Exocaine Plus Rub and Gordogesic in the U.S. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Is methyl salicylate a safe treatment for external hemorroids? I have read it can dissolve blood clots. Thank you. ## Madam, I wish to manufacture a strong pain balm for headaches, common cold and joint pains. Could you please advise me in making the formulation ? Please...

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can no longer find where to purchase exocaine-Walgreens, CVS no longer carry-advice requested ## Exocaine contain the active ingredient Trolamine Salicylate. It is the same active ingredient used in several other products, such as BenGay and Aspercreme, as well as store brands. Have you tried asking a pharmacist to just point you to a comparable alternative?

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