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Can you get ethchlorvynol today? If so, under what name? That’s as detailed as I can get. ## The Ethchlorvynol drug monograph here on MedsChat, states that "Ethchlorvynol is a GABA-ergic sedative and hypnotic/soporific medication that was developed by Pfizer back in the 1950's. In the United States it was sold by Abbott Laboratories under the tradename Placidyl. Abbott discontinued production in 1999, after which Placidyl was available for about a year in the United States. It is no longer prescribed in the United States due to unavailability, but it is still available in some countries and would still be considered legal to possess and use with a valid prescription." As to which countries still carry Ethchlorvynol, this remains a mystery to me. However, I hope the inf...

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