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does the patch can test for alcohol ## I'm trying to figure out if PHARMCHEK sweat patches check for alcohol. I do know that they have been evaluating whether it works or not but I can't find anything that says it actually checks for it. This reference has been sited but it's all that I can find. Phillips and M.H. McAloon, “A sweat-patch test for alcohol consumption: Evaluation in continuous and episodic drinkers,” Alcohol Clin Exp Res, 4(1980)391-395. ## Did you ever figure this out .. I'd like to know as well.. plus as to if it's true it only tests things 48 hours prior to having the patch on ? ## Go to the actual pharmchem drug patch website. The patch only screens for a 5 panel meaning it test for 5 types of drugs which are: marijuana, amphetamines, o...

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How can ethanol be in my urine? I don't drink alcohol. Is there anything else that could have caused that? ## Hello, Jody! How are you? According to the NIH, there are several reasons that this may occur. Are you on any medications? Are you diabetic? Have you taken a cough syrup or anything similar recently? Many of them are actually very well known to cause it. It's even used in some of the sore throat sprays and some mouthwashes.

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I was admitted to hospital for severe headache and vomiting. I was given some kind of test that came back positive for ethanol. I dont drink..."EVER". Part of my colon has been removed and i do have periods where my digestion is very slow to where it actually sops all together. I get bowel obstruction frequently. Could these factors cause me to test positive for ethanol as i do not drink ever?


My baby son is 1 1/2 yrs old. For comon cold lightly severe our doctor prescribe bromhexine elixir(bromhexine hcl bp 4mg,methyl paraben 5mg,propyl paraben .5mg, ethanol .02mg) .some other doctor prescribe terbutaline syrup . I want to know the seriousness between the two and which is originally cure the cold.