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Hi, I was just put on Estrogen and methyltestosterone1.25 2.5 mg. I was first put on a very low birth control and it stopped me. Was crying all day (and I can count the times in my life I cried) So I knew something was happening. But vaginal atrophy no libido, etc, make me want to get some testosterone to possibly be normal ... So i was put on Estrogen and methyltestosterone 1.25 2.5 mg, plus progesterone. All 3 pills, no stopping. My question is... Is this a super high dosage? Also, I know I need progesterone so in counteracts, but from estrogen of course testosterone? Is there a way to do all this without putting it through the liver? Thank you in advance.


Does anyone have info as to why this is no longer available from the manufacturer? I've been taking it with great success for the past year. All of a sudden no one has it and I'm being told its a manufacturer problem. It's the IP 78 light green pill. The pharmacy is no help. ## Hi Paula, From what I can gather, the medication has actually been discontinued by the manufacturer, so your pharmacy has no way to fill a prescription for it. The best advice I can offer is to speak with your doctor about finding an alternative. I understand how frustrating this must be for you. Please share with the community if you find an alternative that works! ## Thanks for the info. My doc and z local compound pharmacy are working to come up with a topical alternative. I found another supplier,...

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I have been taking the brand drug Estratest, Not Estrates HS. My last prescription was a generic (GLENMARK) and it was the dark green, same as the brand name. I just went to my pharmacy and they provided the light green (Brenckrdg) which I am told is the higher dose 1.25mg/2.5mg. Why would your company not be consistent with Glenmark generic, and the brand in the color of the drug and dose? I read on your website that your light green is the doseage of 1.25mg/2.5mg. Is this correct and why would you not be consistent with the color so as not to confuse patients. Also, what is the color of your generic Estratest HS? Thank you for your reply. ## I had the same experience. I am trying to decipher what IP 78 is, as imprinted on the tablet. The bottle says the right dose, but I cannot find a...

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I've been taking the Estratest 1.25/2.5 for years without complications. I was told this was changed to Covaryx and this was generic ...however some say not Generic ..this is confusing.. the price especially..I checked several Phamacies $300 plus..up to $405 (Walgreens) for 90 pills...The pill is yellow for 1.24/2.5 for HS ## I've been taking Estratest for a few years now and love it....I have been getting it at Walmart for about $55 for 3 month supply....If you use an RX Savings Card you will be amazed at the difference in pricing. My insurance does not cover it - thank goodness that I found this discount - otherwise it is the the $300 range. It is still called Estratest as of 2 months ago. ## I ran into the same problem. A 30 day prescription was going to be nearly $3...

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why has this gone from costing $54.00 in May to costing $144.00 in June? With my insurance the cost is $102.00. That's crazy ## I am going through the same issues! I was told that it's because the government made it a controlled substance. Crazy! ## Hello, Denise and Karen! How are you ladies? This was reclassified due to the Methyltestosterone in it and it has caused a lot more regulation and work to be involved with getting it to market, now. Is there anything else I can help with?

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what mil is this ## Hi Glenda, based on the imprint which you provided IP 78 ... this is the 1.25 mg + 2.5 mg dosage. Hope this helps. Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## I am caught up in the Estratest DS vs. the Estratest HS quandry. Does anyone know what pharmacy or pharmacy chain carries the dark green Estratest DS pills? I am not completely sold on switching to the light green (HS) pills and am considering taking two light green pills a day to make up for the DS pills I cannot locate. Any feedback at all would be very much appreciated. Thank you. ## my gyn prescribed est estrogen mtest tab amne & medroxypr ac 2.5 mg. I am considering not taking the medroxypr because of the higher cancel risk & I feel that the pills are con...

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