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I have been taking this TAB for 4-5 years-I understand from my OBGYN that it is a low dosage but my boobs have gotten bigger and I have gained weight- the pluses are it keeps me on an even keel- not anxious and more focused.
How can I keep taking it for the positive effects but offset the weight gain and big boobs?

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Hi Alison,

Unfortunately weight gain, and enlarged breasts are common side effects of this drug. If I were to suggest anything that would help counteract this, my first thought would be to stay on top of your eating habits.

Incorporating a low fat diet would be ideal in my opinion. To put this into perspective, this would ideally be under 20 grams of fat per day. Which also means that you would need to increase either your carb and/or protein intake to help satiate you after each meal. For some people this is very easy and can be done by just eating mostly fruits and veggies or starches. I actually do this myself, which is why I mentioned it.

Aside from dietary changes, exercising daily for at least 30min, will also significantly offset any possible weight gain. Do you have an exercise regime?

I hope this helps!

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Hey..I been taken est estrogen for about 4mos ..I haven fatigue and a lot of bloating and weight ...I don have energy and the nigh sweats haven't stop ..what can I do?Do I need to let my doctor know and change the doses ..confuse and don't like how I feel...

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I have been taking M test set estrogen for 3 months! I started in June, I ran 9 days during the month of June, during the month of July, I ran 19 days .2 miles each time. I am watching my diet and I have lost 0 pounds. I was curious if the meds were keeping me from losing weight.

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Wondering if this medication causes heartburn? Have had bad heartburn and the only thing I can associate it with is the estrogen.

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Your hormone therapy is not individualized. I take prempro and estrogenmtest (all three hormones).My friend takes 200mg progesterone only. Find what works for you.

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