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I am on about week four of epiduo. I went to the derm with about three cysts. He told me o your acne is not that bad. And gave me a prescription for epiduo and doryx. At about day 7 I had to quit the doryx I could barely stand up. I stuck through with the epiduo and was prescribed kephlex as an antibiotic. I have prob been on the antibiotic for 2 and a half weeks and as I said the epiduo for about four. My face is freaking out! I have called out of work twice for pain and irritation. I also look like I am engulfed in pimples from my nose down and around. I take 600 mg of Advil three times away but it's still painful. I'm so scared I have always had a few flare ups a year with cysts but never this little white head acne. I am getting married in three months! I feel like my life i...

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