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I too had cancer and have suffered chronic constipation... I have tried Miralax and due to the company going over the counter they gave me generic anf that did not work as well. The dosage of powder too was ovwewheminf.I have tried colon cleanses that guarantee cleansing and bowel movwments as well as deoxification. Nothing. Everything becomes impacted along with the food that has been consumed. Enemas and colonic only left me bloated and in pain.Laxatives are of no help either. Hot teas offer relaxation but no bowel movements. Castor oil offers some releif but it take 4 TBS.!!! Epsom salt makes me throw up etc etc...I have currently been given GENTILAX from Mexico. I take 3 tablets at nite and I have several bm's a day then turn to diarreah in the evening. I hae not been able to ge...

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I successfully completed chemotherapy for uterine/ovarian cancer and had a few side effects. Just when I thought it was safe to start life again, I learned I had a tumor in the vaginal area. I took 35 radiation treatments. I was told to expect some mild side effects, but they have been anything but mild. I developed Radiation Colitis and I became impacted to the point where I was unable to have a bowel movement. I was referred to a Gastrenterologist who prescribed a high dose of Miralax powder mixed in juice in the morning and a high dose of Enulose in the evening. The dosages were way too high and at one point i thought I would lose my insides. I went to the ER where unfortunately, they know me well from previous visits for kidney problems. The Charge Nurse told me it would be at least...

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